Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little girl is already 3 months!!!

Avery turned 3 months this past Friday, I seriously feel like we just brought her home from the hospital! When she was born everyone would tell us to cherish each moment because they grow so quickly, and its true! She is growing so fast.
I went to her 3 months check up on Friday and she weights 13.1 pounds now and is 24 inches tall (she was 7.4lb and 20 inches when she was born.) That means she is in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! Isn't that crazy... could you imagine Jordan and I having a tall child... we are shrimps! I'm sure kids will catch up with her and she will slow down, but that just blew my mind!
Her little personality is forming too! She is quite a happy smiley baby! She has started even laughing and making lots of happy sounds that make us laugh. Its quite fun watching her grow. Here are some recent pictures of my little miss sunshine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Avery's first Halloween, and our Halloween 08

Jordan and I went to a couples Halloween party on Nov. 1 at a friend's house in our ward which was lots of fun! As you can see I was a cookie and Jordan was the cookie monster. I can't take credit for this clever costume as my sister and her husband were this a couple years ago when they were dating. But we did get best couple costume at the party! I didn't think we deserved it since I believe there were better couple costumes there, but you can't argue with votes!
Following are some of the other great costumes at the party.

Nicole and Terry Palmer at the SNL cheerleaders

April & Aaron as Juno and Bleeker, I love Aaron's shorts!

Trina and Mike as punks!

Andy as laudnry and Virginia as a deviled egg, very clever!

Kirk and Suzanne at the marshins from Sesame street, I love these costumes because it brought back great memories! Remeber these guys, "Yeep Yeep" and "Nope Nope"

Now here is Avery at her first Halloween. Jordan's aunts had sent us an adorable fairy outfit for her. Thankfully our ward had a party so I was able to show off her outfit somewhere! She pretty much slept the whole time but that afternoon I took some pictures of her in her outfit. She just looked so darn cute, and she held out pretty good. Near the end of our little phot shoot she was getting a little fussy, but overall I got some cute shots.
I think she can probably even where this for next Halloween because there is definetly room to grow in it.