Thursday, April 26, 2012

April showers... or snow, bring... FUN!

We have had a fun / busy month! Hence lack of blogging... but yea know what! This seems to be the trend with me lately... 1 post a month... so I'll stop using the "busy card" as my excuse. I'll try and stay in touch through blogging with those who do grace this page, but again... no promises :)

After 10 years of dancing as a youngin... I have entered the dancing world again! A few friends from Church have joined this adult tap class last year and loved it. I have always wanted to get back at tap since that was my favourite growing up, so I did! We have such a fun group and have a lot of fun laughing and tappin! We have 2 competition this year, and had our first one last weekend. Great fun (aside from the old ladies that beat us out when we were so obviously better... no really!)

By the way... we hate our costumes! They looked much cuter in the picture. We have 10 ladies in our group (3 missing from the picture above). Our class (and Avery's little ballet class) is at this great little dance school right down the road from us called "Dance Experience." Such a great little school, everyone is from the community and its a really family fun environment.
Me, Jenn (she is 8 months pregnant!), Kristin and Trina (Mormon squad!)
I often think I never blog about a major part of my life, my calling in our Church as Primary president. I've done this calling for the past 2 years, and just love it! Our theme this year is Choose the Right. We had a party this past weekend. We did "The Choice is Right" and did a bunch of games teaching the kids how to Choose the Right, and the games had a "Price is Right" spin on it.

It was a lot of fun. My awesome presidency ran a game each, so the kids rotated around in 3 groups and played these games. And then I did the "Showcase showdown" at the end which was a series of situational questions with multiple choice answer to which is the best choice.

We have the best Primary, about 70 kids, love them to death! I'll do another post of our board that we did for Primary, it was a fun board to do!
Our little family with our bunny after her dance

One thing that Dance Experience does which is great is "Talent Day." They have a show run all day at McNally high school. You can come and go as you please, so just watch your dancer and its nice for these little ones to practise performing before the year end show. Avery did so great! One thing I learned about Avery recently (that I didn't expect) is that she is very serious when it comes to performing! At home shes a funny crazy girl when were dancing to music etc. But when it came to performing she was all business! Not a crack of a smile... all concentration about the moves and of course staying in place ;) Very fun to watch.

Nana and Grandpa Pizzey with Avery after her number

Uncle Chris and Auntie Kelli with Avery

Avery performing her "Little Peter Rabbit"

Avery pre-show

We can almost never get a normal picture of Avery, all poses now!
And then a fun event! My mom got Avery and Talia (and there mommas) tickets to BUSY TOWN! You know those Richard Scarry books, well they have a show that Avery likes watching on CBC in the morning. Avery loved seeing all her favourite characters and would get so excited when they entered the stage. It was a fun little show!

Fun month, I'm happy for May to calm down a little! I'm going to give our bathroom a little temporary face lift until we gut it in a couple years! My brother Blake is getting married in June, so me and my soon to be sister-in-law have some wedding decor madness ahead of us... muuhhhaaha! Loving it! And gearing up for this rain to GO AWAY and start enjoying the outdoors with my girls!

Update on Marli, she is doing great! She is sitting on her own very well! She has shown no interest in crawling since she is not a fan of her tummy, but she has done a couple little bum scootches! haha, Avery was a bum scoother as well (and she didn't have the excuse of wearing a brace) so maybe my girls just butt scootch! We have a follow up for Marli's hip June. 11. Right now she wears the brace about 22 hrs a day. It is to help her hip socket develop a little further. If the socket continues to develop I'm hoping that she will be down to wearing the brace for just naps and night time... here's hoping!