Sunday, February 20, 2011

My fuzzy wuzzy Valentines :)

Valentines Day can be so much fun, since v-day was on a Monday this year we spent the day as a family (which is the way it should be hey?!)

Me and Avery had some fun during the day drawing on some hearts and decorating the house, and having a Valentines themed lunch.
The hearts that we made, very extravagant... I know!

Avery thought the whole thing was just so much fun! She loved sprinkling the hearts on the table that we punched out and helping me set the table. We are all big fans of the meal breakfast... so that was our Valentines dinner!
I'm reading this book right now, its a very very light non-serous book called "Cherry cheesecake murder." It is about a girl in a small town that owns a cookies shop and there is a movie crew that invaded this town to shoot a movie. She cooks them food, and its really just a simple fun read! Anyways, she gives recipes throughout the book! She had this recipe for "Fruit Pocket French Toast" that made my mouth water just reading!
So that is what I made, delicious! So fatty, and they take a little bit of time.... but so good, and filling!
Avery opening up some little Valentines goodies :) Jordan and I were sitting there too, but of course I forgot to take pictures of my actual Valentine... love you hunny!
And this weekend Jordan and I were able to go out to dinner and a movie and celebrate together :)
Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A week in Paradise!

This trip was... amazing! The week can be summarized by saying we just enjoyed out resort, ate good food and relaxed! We had great weather, even my white body came back with a TAN... not a burn! I feel very fortunate that my parents treated me and Paige to this week, I missed Jordan like crazy but with his work and school schedule it was just not possible for him to get away at this time. Plus with my parents on this trip, it would have been hard to find someone to watch Avery all week.

My parents were able to take 2 of us, Kamry and Jason just got back from Mexico, Taren had a couple big gymnastics meets coming up that she couldn't get coaching subs for, so that left me and Paige! We had a lot of fun together, and with all my parents work friends that were there too! They were all so much fun!
View from me and Paige's balcony, My Dad said we had the money view and if I wasn't pregnant (ours was on floor 1, and theirs was on floor 3) they would have made us switch, haha, another perk of being pregnant!
Our room!

They had hammocks all over
Swim up Bar, we actually never went to that bar cause it was the cold pool, we preferred the warmer pool... :)
Our beach, the sand was like flour and crystal blue water!
The Spa! It was so relaxing and smelt so good whenever you would walk by!
First night at dinner
Chess time, taught Paige chess, yea... were pro!
Paige and Me and Mary from Texas, her husband manages the Fort Mac office.
Me, Tam and Mary (Tam's husband manages the Eastern offices) going to Playa Del Karmen for some shopping!
My pedicure that I treated myself to at the Spa, sooo relaxing!
My cute parents, they had this singer one night sing all romantic songs. She was amazing!!! It was like Celine Dion singing live, she hit every note and sang such great songs. Made me want to dance with Jordan... instead me and Paige watched others dance, haha! The Entertainment was always pretty good every night.
Me and Paige outside the Mexican restaurant one night
At the Mexican restaurant, me and Paige with Carole and Fran and Tam and Kevin
Me and Paige at the French restaurant the last night
Aloha! Our last night in Mexico... *tear* but also so excited to get home to my 2 favourite people!

Highlights of the week:
- Amazing room and service, 24 hr room service
- great food and drinks: 8 restaurants at night and awesome buffet and lunch for breakfast
- Good night time entertainment
- awesome resort for couples: made me miss Jordan... I know... poor me!!!
- Beautiful beach and ocean
- pools after pools, you could always find a good spot by the pool or ocean
- awesome weather, we really lucked out. The day we left it clouded over and started raining... talk about good timing!
- Getting home to my 2 sweeties, Jordan was so amazing taking care of Avery all week. He couldn't get work off except one day, so my Grandma and good friend Rachel stepped in I missed those 2 so much. They picked me up at the airport, it was awesome! Avery ran up to me and hugged me forever, and then she looked at me smiling and put her hands on my cheeks! It was hilarious! Good to be home!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hope for the best... and not dwell on the past!

I had a hard time titling this post, it is such an exciting post and news that I've wanted to share for a long time. But I also feel quite vulnerable exposing this news, considering my past. But I have learned that I can't control everything, and maybe I will experience heart break again... I don't know! But I need to be optimistic and hope for the best! Oh and a warning, LONG POST! Lots of this is for family that I have not told all these details too!

Enough beating around the bush, yes... I'm pregnant! I know my last post was maybe a little hint, I feel a little bit more confident announcing things now. I'm due Aug. 8, I am 14.5 weeks pregnant right now. My 2 prior miscarriages in 2009 were at 6 weeks and 15.5 weeks (but I did not find out until 18 weeks with the later.) So you can understand my reservations with holding back the news. At the same time, I majorly popped last week, so despite my best intentions of hiding things... its not quite possible anymore!

I had a doctors appointment this morning and heard the heart beat, it was healthy and what it should be for this stage in the game. He/she gave me a little scare, he/she was being a little stinker and hiding a little. It was a horrible few minutes, brought back some bad memories. My Dr was looking low because that is usually where the baby sits at this moment, but I guess my little spud has already popped up, so once my doctor went up... we found it! Jordan reminded me later that with Avery I always carried high too. That is one reassurance with this pregnancy, it is so much like my pregnancy with Avery. The other 2 I was not as sick, and especially with the late one I just wasn't growing the way I did with Avery. Last week set my mind at ease when I realized at 14 weeks I was significantly bigger than I was with the late miscarriage.

It has been hard keeping such wonderful news to ourselves. That being said we did share the news with immediate family at Christmas. We found out we were expecting at the end of November, I even flat out lied to my Mom when she was hinting at if I got my period or not. Backing up, after the late miscarriage that happened at the end of 2009 I did have to have a D&C, so we took a little break from trying for the first part of 2010 to let my body heal and emotional to be ready to try again. We started trying around May 2010, so month after month of trying was getting exhausting. I know there are lots of you who have gone through the same thing and for even longer so my heart goes out to you. So when I finally took that test an it was positive, I was ecstatic!!! I did a little happy dance for a long time, Jordan just laughed at me. We were both over the moon excited!

Mostly why I lied to my Mom was because I had this idea for a long time of how to tell our families! A week before Christmas (because we were going to BC for Christmas with Jordan's family for Christmas) we had a little get together at my parents with our whole immediate family.

So I made a shirt for Avery that says "This little sweetie is going to be a big sister!!!" I kept a zip up sweater on Avery while we ate dinner, watching her closely hoping she didn't take the hoodie off, or someone else didn't. Taren and Dave were late for dinner, so I had to wait until they got there. Avery finished dinner and finally everyone was sitting down finishing up in the Dining Room. I took Avery in the kitchen and started taking her hoodie off, and then Taren walks in the kitchen to go play with Avery. I looked at Taren and was like "Can you just go back in the Dining Room for a second!?" haha, she looked at me strange and said "ooookay!" So then I told Avery to walk in the room and show Nana her shirt. She walked in and first Jason saw the shirt and read it and then looked up at me surprised. And then Taren saw it and started screaming excitedly, and then my Mom turned around and read the shirt and she jumped up and hugged me and started crying, and then I started crying! And then I look across the table and my Dad figures out whats going on and hes crying (such a softy!) It was amazing, so exciting sharing that news with my family! Paige then saw the shirt and came and jumped up and down with me and Avery. I think Avery thought it was pretty neat that everyone loved her shirt so much! haha, it was a great reaction from everyone!

We told Jordan's family at Christmas, they were so excited too... not as great reaction because it took everyone a while to read the shirt since it got a little ruined in the dryer! Oops! haha.
So many positives about this baby. I always wanted my kids close in age, probably cause that's the way me and my sisters are. Of course I learned that I cant control everything, Avery and this baby will be exactly 3 years apart! If this baby is a girl, great for re-using clothes being that we have tons and they would be the same seasons! I will be so happy with a boy or girl. I love that Avery is such a big girl! I will have 6 months free of diapers before this baby... yay! She completely understands that there is a baby in my tummy, she loved hearing the heart beat at the doctors this morning. She keeps telling us she wants a boy baby, haha! I would ask if a girl baby would be okay... nope! But she has come around to understand a girl baby would be fine too! She is such big help, so great with babies too! Whenever she hears a baby cry at church and looks at me all concerned and says "baby sad Mom!" I love that I've had a rest from the baby thing, and I will be ready to take on the sleepless nights, diaper changes and feedings again! I love that I've had the chance to go back to work, gain some more experience, and get maternity leave again!

Anyways, we are so excited and just hoping for the best! I don't know if I will really believe it until I'm actually in labor! But as you see below it is a hard thing to hide now, I'm HUGE! haha, but I'm grateful for being huge and throwing up, and feeling tired from diclitin!!! Those are all blessings to me!