Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cast removal day... And my birthday!

My 27th year on this earth was a big one! Not because I am now in my late 20's instead of mid 20's (which is kind weird)! But because my sweet little Marli shed this beast of a cast!
Here is how the day went (please ignore how the pictures are all out of order. I uploaded them on my I-phone using the blogger app... and well... they just aren't in order, sorry!)

So after dropping Avery off at her friends house (thanks again Kristen) and picking up Jordan from work we showed up a bit early at our Orthopedic Surgeon's office ready to go. They got us in right away and got right down to business!

It took about a half hour to remove the cast, the guys doing it were great! Super calm and efficient! I was so glad Jordan could come because he was able help hold Marli down and clam her, well as much as she could be calmed! She was quite upset... but who could blame her! She did wear the ear muffs pretty good that they provide, but the saw is still quite loud and they have to maneuver her around... not too pleasant. The fibre glass around her thighs was so thick! They really had to work through that.

After the cast came off, we cleaned her up and bit, and headed down the hall for an x-ray. This clinic at the Stollery is so great and efficient! We have been so happy with everyone!

This is an inside shot of the cast... just thought you would all enjoy an inside shot of the poop and urine stains... nice hey! ;)

Above: Me and my girls enjoying some cupcakes Jordan picked up from a bakery downtown.

Below: Just after the cast removal and x-ray. She was quite worked up for a while, the bottle helped clam her down a bit. And her cast beside us, love this picture! My sister kamry had a funny comment. Avery (my 3 year old) has a imaginary friend named Noga, Kamry said to tell Avery that Noga needed the cast and that was her in the cast! haha!

We decided not to keep.. the cast! Pictures are enough memories from that thing, but glad we got some pictures before it hit the trash can.
Marli before the cast was removed quite amused with the ear muffs... they looked more like a tasty toy that had to make it to her mouth!
Cast removal, so sad!
Finally smiling after cast removal!
Hanging out after her x-ray and waiting for Dr. Dulai to come talk with us. She keeps her legs in that position all the time. She kicks and moves a bit more today, but yesterday they were pretty much in that position the whole time.
More eating the ear muffs...
Her first real bath in 12.5 weeks! The first 10 minutes she was not a fan, cried quite a bit. But then (with the help of her sister playing with her) she decided it was kind of nice. You cannot imagine how nice it was to give her a proper bath! Her skin condition was actually quite good! The guys who removed her cast said it was really good for most of the spica cast kid they have seen!

Her knees were calloused in the creases, and behind her knees is red and rashy. Her upper thighs have a bit of a red rash on them, partly where some poop snuck too... gross I know! But not too much. After her bath and a good strategic lotion job, her skin is almost good as new today!

So once we met with Dr. Dulai she informed us of the results. She was pretty happy with them. The right hip was great, and has never really been too much of a problem. Her left hip in the beginning was completltye dislocated and the hip socket needed to be formed more. The x-ray yesterday told us that the hip was in the proper position , and the left socket had also formed more, but still have a little bit more forming to do.

Because of that she has prescribed a "Ilfeld" brace. We have an appointment Thursday with the Orthodox clinic to fit her for that brace. She will need to wear it for roughly 22 hours a day. She will have her clothes underneath it. We can take it off her for baths and to go swimming and play for a bit or short car rides! So that is better than I expected. Also the Ilfeld brace looks better than I expected as well.

But for now we have her with no brace, its so strange! I never thought I would say this, (but aside from loving snuggling her little body and putting on cute clothes that she hasn't been able to wear until now) I'm actually looking forward to the brace! She is so floppy and has not learned like most 7.5 month old to support her back and sit up etc. She needs a lot of support and we need to be careful to keep her legs out at that angle too. It is hard to put her anywhere that I'm used to putting her (like her feeding chair at the table or chair Jordan built her) for her to play or when I need to get things done. Hopefully the brace with give her some security and support that I think we both need her to have.

She is to wear her brace for 3 months and then we have another follow up with Dr. Dulai. I have a feeling that is things continue to progress she will be down to naps and nights with the brace... or maybe nothing! But I'm not going to get my hopes high!

Jordan also made sure the day was very special with all my favourite treats, some lovely perfume and HUGE surprise... Lady Antebellum tickets for Saturday! I was totally surprised, for sure they are my favourite band! Cannot wait to go with my sweetheart this weekend!

For now I'm enjoying this sweetie pie in her normal clothes and holding her real close! Thank you all for your love, support and prayers!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

We've had some fun lately... for real!

The last three weeks or so have been a lot of fun in the Heavenor home. The week before Marli's cast change where I averaged... 3-4 hours of sleep a night (because she had grown so much in her cast and was so tight in it that she was practically loosing circulation in her feet and so uncomfortable that she could barely sleep) I was... well putting it lightly... about to blown my brains out!

So here came Nana Kerri to the rescue! Of course I have lots of support from my family here in town and wonderful friends and ward family, but Jordan's mom decided to come and stay for just over 2 weeks. After Marli got her cast changed Feb. 1, everything was WAY better! She was happy again, and sleeping good again, so things were much better! But what a wonderful help to have Kerri around to help! She was such a welcomed pleasure into our home!

The main thing that is difficult is getting out to do errands or really anything! I try and do as much of that in the evenings, but its very hard because Jordan is right in the middle of his CMA and is often so busy after work with assignments or studying. It was so great having Kerri with me and the girls all day. Wow! I cannot even express, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law that put her life on hold to come help me with mine! The bad thing is I got so used to it! haha, this week was adjustment week! But me and the girls will always look back on this fun time with Nana Kerri and cherish it. Avery and Nana really bonded, and Marli totally got to know Kerri as the other face she knows (aside from me, Jordan and Avery.)

These are some of the highlights from February.

The girls most likely watching a Baby Einstein. Not sure who put the blanket on Marli's head... probably her big sister! Those 2 just adore eachother!

Me and my girls before Church. I love these 2 more than I can imagine, I think I squeeze there cheek and kiss them like 50 times a day... at least!

Nana Kerri with the girls before Church. Oh you'll also notice... its hard to get a nice picture of Avery... she likes to do these weird faces which are quite commical, but seems to have forgotten how to smile nice...

Prime example of Avery's face's... this was on Valentines Day. Avery embraces every holiday, like goes nuts and appreciates any little effort made on these days! So funny, she's already physced for Easter since thats next!

Then Jordans brother Cole and his wife Megan came up from Calgary to spend the weekend. We had so much fun with them! We first met at West Ed and Marli and her cousin Tyson (3 weeks younger than Marli) rode the rides for the first time, so fun! Of course they had Avery to show them the ropes and her fav rides.

And then we ate lots of good food and had lots of fun just hanging out together! Heres Tyson trying out Marlis chair, turns out you dont have to have a spica cast to enjoy it! Such a cutie this smiley guy!

Auntie Kelli being a good sport and playing Barbies with Avery.

Hanging with Auntie Megan

Avery... classic Avery pose... and her pretty pink shoes she picked out from H&M

One last picture with Nana before we drop her off at the airport... *tear*

These pics below are not in order, I did not upload these in a orderly fashion apparently...

First my sweet Marli girl with her first clip in her hair! Both my girls get a good amount of hair as babies, obviously there are kids that have more and are born with a mop on there heads, and then there are the bald babies. My girls are somewhere in between. By the time Avery was 1 I was having to do a little side pony tail to keep the hair out of her eyes. Marli already has more hair than Avery, and its a darker sort of auburn brown color... kind of bronzy gold, I just love it!

Marli's pony from Valentines Day, in her chair that she LOVES!

Avery at our trip to West Ed in the Disney Store. Have you been to that new Disney store on the lower level??? Really fun, we could have stayed in there the whole time!

And guess what... March. 12 (aka. my birthday!) CAST COMES OFF!!! 10 days left, wow! I can't believe we are at the end of this journey. We are not totally in the clear, there will be some form of a brace afterwards for a while. But anything is better than this cast!
Marli has just been amazing though, she is such a happy easy going baby! Everyone always comments on how happy she is, and how she doesn't seem to mind the cast. She smiles at everyone, and when I say smile... I mean this HUGE teethless smile with this crease across her nose which is infectious. Love her!