Monday, April 19, 2010

Night out with my Sistas!!!

I just love my sisters, and its nice when you get older and you become more like friends than... sisters. Well we've been meaning to have a night out, just us girls and we finally did. And we've got to do it more often!

We went to this awesome new place in Edmonton that Taren suggested called "The Melting Pot." Oh my goodness, DELICIOUS!!! As you can tell by the title its a fondue place, we got a cheese fondue to split and chocolate. It was great! And we had tons of great laughs!

Oh and yes, there are only 4 of us Pizzey girls. The 5th chica is Lindsay (Blake's - my brothers gf) and we were so happy to invite her along cause she is such a sweet heart and absolute delight and she tolerates how crazy we are!

All of us (left to right) Kamry, me, Paige, Lindsay and Taren.

Paige, Lindsay and Taren enjoying the amazing chocolate fondue! The give you fruit, cheesecake, cake, and powdered marshmallows to dip, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Me and Kams :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun!

Hmmmm... fold laundry... or blog... BLOG! I always use nap time productively... hehe!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We sure did, best I can remember in a long time! And how great was it to have conference on Easter weekend!? I just loved that! Since I've gone back to work part time we really haven't had a spare full day together (Me, Avery and Jordan) since I started! I work every Saturday, so Jordan and Avery have fun together on Saturdays, and yes we get Sundays together... but lets face it... sometimes with kids and church Sundays are too much of a break! SO, I still worked Saturday, but Jordan got Friday AND Monday off!!! So I worked Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday we had Friday, Sunday and Monday together!!! Soooo nice!

Friday we cleaned out garage out (that felt good) and went to my parents house to have dinner and roast marshmallows with my Sister and her husband and there cute 6 month old daughter. My parents were out of town until Saturday so they were house sitting and watching the dog.

Sunday we had a little egg hunt with Avery in the morning and a yummy breakfast and relaxed and watched conference. And that night we went back to my parents and and had dinner, went for a walk, enjoyed a hot tub, and watched a movie and slept over!!! So nice and relaxing.

Monday we went to Kids Quartz in Sherwood Park and got a work out climbing everywhere with Avery, she had a blast though! And had some lunch and then went back to my parents to set up the scavenger hunt and help my mom get ready for Easter dinner. Then all the family came over to my parents and we had a lovely dinner and scavenger hunt for the little girls! Then watched the NCAA final, so yes... wonderful weekend! Here's a bunch of pics, enjoy!

Avery checking out her Easter basket
Trying to get her to grasp the idea of looking for eggs, she got it... she just wanted to eat each one when she found it!

Showing off her loot, more to find though!

The Easter bunny... isn't he handsome! haha, he was a lot happier here, I'm not sure why he looks so grouchy!?

Avery in her Easter outfit with her bunny

Watching conference, she loves when the choir sings

At my Parents doing the Easter egg scavenger hunt

Taren, Jordan, A, and my Nana after the scavenger hunt

Our family, Avery is very hard to get to co-operate for pictures... grrrr

Taren, pretty little Talia, and Kamry

My little cousin Casey, Paige and Cody