Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giggles in the Sun :)

First - a couple back yard projects. This area was weeding over and just needed help. So Jordan cleaned it up, cut out the shape and put the border down, put the landscaping paper down, I planted a couple perennials, and then Jordan layed the cedar mulch. Yesterday we placed the rocks and lanterns, pretty nice hey!

Jordan found this patio set on Kijiji.We got it for $40. It was very worn and like a brick red color stain, but the stain was pretty much all worn off. So I wanted to do a different color - I want our back yard to be fun but have some resemblance to the mountains. So I picked this greyey / blue color and stained it. The set came with chair pads, but they were in a ugly hunter green. So I got some outdoor fabric from Fabricland (really cute outdoor fabric right now.) And with some help of my mom made cushions for over top! Cute hey! So with stain and fabric the entire set came to about $100. Were just looking for a umbrella right now, probably tan color.

Oh and that is the pretty fence Jordan put up (we had none on that side it was just open.) And he also painted the back fence (it was a brick color.)

Well FINALLY in Edmonton we've had some nice summer! And it couldn't have come at a better time! Jordan and I have about 10 days off together. We went camping this past weekend in Lake Louise which was great (I'll put pics up soon.)

But mostly we've just been enjoying our yard! We didn't get to do this last summer with moving and our frustrations with getting possession of this house. One of the reasons we wanted this house so much was because of the big back yard and huge potential! It was a little neglected over the past few years because it was a older couple that owned the house. But Jordan (and me sometimes) has been working our butts off! And its looking so great! Our yard is finally all fenced in (no more worrying about Avery running on the busy street) and its coming together!

There is still lots to do, but we put the pool up last week and that is pretty much all Avery wants to do!

Avery enjoying some lunch outside after playing in the yard all morning!

Avery playing with Uncle Mike, that day Jordan and Mike finished that back corner behind them. It was all dirt and weeding over, so they ripped it out and we planted some perennials and put some cedar mulch down.
I invited some friends over and little buddies for Avery to hang out with. It was a beautiful morning and so much fun! These 2 are adorable and about the same age (10 months.)
Bennett took a little spill - he was not impressed, but also didn't get that upset.
Bennett - what can I say about this boy! He is just so cute! Just a little story about Bennett and Avery. So I don't know if you see it, but to me and Bennett's Mom Kay, Avery and Bennett look alike! And we've had other people tell us that, haha! They are not related at all, but we do have a little connection. Kay's sister Megan is my sister-in-law because she married Jordan's brother Cole! So there is no blood relation between me and Kay, so its just a weird thing that Bennett and Avery resemble each other! But I love this kid, he has the best personality and of course I think hes adorable - I feel like my son will look like him! haha!

Bennett (Easthope), Avery, Dylan (Smith), and Zachary (Wolff) Avery's little boyfriend! They were all so cute!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well among the millions of projects we have going on around our house, this is the newest. My wallpaper was WAS next, but our neighbor who hates these trees in our front yard even more than we do changed those plans!
So we've had these 2 HUGE spruce trees that are dangerously close to our house in our front yard. They are also so dirty and take over our whole front yard! So, our neighbor arranged (payed for) a bin to be delivered, and he helped Jordan take these trees down! Jordan has lots of expirence with falling trees because when he worked as a forest fire fighter for a few summers in BC, he was the chain saw guy who fell trees.

So they came down sucessfully! Jordan stressed so much about it, he got like 3 hours of sleep the night before! It was very close to our house, so I don't blame him. But I knew he would do a great job!

So they are down! Now our front yard is pretty bare and ugly... haha, but I'd rather have that than those trees. Just another thing to add to the list, the front landscaping. But that is okay, now we can move on to other things... like my wallpaper wall!

Cole helping out

HUGE hey! So glad those are done. Its all cleaned up now, landscaping in the front yard may have to wait until next year though, lots more to do!