Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pumpkins, nerds and a poodle...

That is what describes our Halloween! It was a lot of fun, I wouldn't say that I'm an over board in love with Halloween kind of person... but I also don't hate it either. I think it can be quite a fun holiday when approached in a light hearted fun manner!

Avery sure loved it, she loves dresses up and talked about pumpkins all month long! We carved a pumpkin for Family Home Evening on Monday night, she thought it was awesome! She watched Jordan and I every step of the way!

She loves pulling the pumpkins "hat" off!I think she was quite surprised when she saw the inside.

We encouraged her to pull the insides out - she did not like that! We got a big "yuck" when she tried that.
Watching me draw the face on.
We turned all the lights out and lit the pumpkin up, she loved that!
So next we had a adult Halloween party at friends house. It was a lot of fun! Everyone had such fun costumes! Jordan and I brought back the nerds! We did this costume when we were engaged for the YSA Halloween dance. Seriously, one of the funnest costume to do! Here is us being awkward weird nerds!

Me - Nerd, Cindy - Football/work out chick, Trina - 80's chick , and Ashley - 80's chick. Some what all related, and none of us knew what we were going as! I have no idea where Ashley got the acid wash jumper, so great! And Trina raided her sisters closet who still has all her old clothes!
Aaron - Dwight, Jordan - nerd, so basically 2 nerds together!
Mike and Trina - 80's couple, on man, Mike looked so creepy with sweats and mustache! And Trina reminded me of my Mom 20 years ago, all the details down to a tee!
Jeff and Jaima - Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock (there whole family was along with this theme the next day at the Primary Halloween party, it was very cute!)
Terry and Nicole - Nacho Libre and the Nun (still have not seen this movie, apparently I need to rent it.)
Vern and Julie - Rocker Slash (particular one, I'm too young to know I guess...) and Julie as the I-Phone!
And the hosts! April as Angela and Aaron as Dwight!
AND THEN, Primary Carnival and Trunk or Treat. This was a busy month for me, I had our Primary presentation the weekend before and then was in charge of our tri-ward Halloween party. The other wards were a huge help, but there was like 180 kids there! Kind of craaazzzzzy,but everyone had fun!
Here is my little poodle, such great weather that this is all she needed all night, kept her plenty warm!

Avery and her best bud Zach and Horse! Doing some crafts, I love when there faces light up when they see each other!
One of the Carnival games, Fish Pond!
Me and my poodle. To say the least.... "sigh" October is over! What a month. Our house is coming along, Jordan has been doing baseboards in between studying. I'm already getting soooo excited for Christmas! After last year and this house was turned upside down with my kitchen in my living room and then vise versa. I'm just so excited to decorate this year (and last year on boxing day I bought all new decorations for my tree, verrrrry excited!) Anyways, I'll refrain from decorating for a few weeks, but I don't now if I can hold out till Dec. 1!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!