Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

We finally got our family pictures done on Thanksgiving weekend. My sister Kamry took them, she has been getting into photography this past year as a hobby, and doing a great job! She had the impossible task of getting a good picture of Avery, mostly getting her to look a the camera. But during this little photo session Avery cooperated and sort of hammed it up for the camera... what a relief! Anyways, Kamry did a great job and I'm grateful for her and the time she took to edit these! Thanks KAMRY!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun at the Farm!

On Thanksgiving Monday we went out to "Prairie Farms" which is out north of Edmonton by Bon Accord ( My friend from work told me about it, and it was definitely worth the drive! And the drive is only about a 1/2 hour out of Edmonton and it is a beautiful drive.
Anyways, it runs through October and what a fun thing for families to do. There is so many different things for everyone! We had a blast and decided we will do this every year.
They had this great folk band playing, they were so good! That was probably Avery's favourite thing, when they stopped in between songs she would clap and say "more!"Avery and her goofy smile :)
Painting pumpkins, another huge hit!

Picking out her pumpkin to paint, found one!

Holding a bunny in the petting zoo, so many cute bunnies!
Avery and this goat were best friends, he loved eating the leaves she fed him, and Avery did not want to go!

Pumpkins! There were pumpkins everywhere!Jordan and Avery outside the entrance

Oh the hay ride over to the little pumpkin / Halloween town they have set up.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Small simple pleasure

Hi All!

My Aunt Tonya gave me a sweet reminder that I need to update my blog because she likes to look at it! I thought that was nice, made me feel good :) So thanks Tonya! And my blog is always looming in the back of my head, but I must say it definitely has taken a back seat! I know everyone in this fast paced world is busy... but I gotta say, our little family has a full plate lately!

In July I was called as Primary president in our ward, what a shocker... and what a wonderful blessing. I love this calling, love the children and my presidency and all our wonderful primary workers! Its truly the best place to be! But yes, added to my already somewhat full plate. I'm working 3 days a week, which is manageable. And I do love my job, its nice to do something I love and am good at and work with such a great team :)

The other thing that has been added to our schedule is Jordan has decided to pursue his CMA. He is doing his course every Saturday from August - March (this complicated my work schedule slightly) and it is a lot of work. Which means he is studying every night pretty much. Anyways, I'll stop being a complainer... I can tell you one blessing that comes from being busy. You make the most of your time, I've never been such a productive busy bee! And when me and Avery have Mommy and Avery time we have a great time! Soooo nooooo offense blogging friends, but that is why my blog has been neglected. When I actually have spare time it is usually spent with Jordan or Avery or catching up on Primary work! But I still love you all and after October Primary will have slowed down (we have our presentation on the 24th and Halloween party on the 30th!)

So I thought I would share some things that bring me happiness, mostly some home things... some little finishing touches I have been doing lately. Jordan is in the midst of baseboards right now, and after they are complete I will definitely do a before and after post. Its quite incredible what we've done with this old house is a year!

My entry table and accessories, Hydrangea tree and lamp ("Lamp Berger", best thing for home fragrance) compliments of "Posh At Home!" You guys gotta stop by the store, it is truly wonderful! We have new things in all the time, sooo different from what you usually see in Edmonton :)

My birdies, when Jordan finished this ledge on the wallpaper wall I knew I wanted a little family of birdies... I finally found them at "Tin Box." Down the road from our store. I've decided I'll add to our birdie family as it grows - I've told Avery its a Daddy, Avery and Mommy bird! So now everyday she looks at the birds and says "Daddy, Avery and Mommy!

Front Entrance, finished it off with a mirror, and my fall blocks which says "Give thanks"

Oh and of course our family! Talia is walking! This was at our house Sunday, we hosted my Mom's birthday dinner, great time!

Me and my grandma - she is who I got my strawberry blond roots from - I may be embracing them more soon... shhhh, we'll see :s
Jordan and my Great Grandma Bernice - looking good for 86!

Nana and Talia - I love her sneaky face here!

And my favourite little sweet pleasure right now - AVERY! I could go on and on about the amazing wonderful little girl she is growing up to be! She is so funny, quite the comedian, she has an incredible memory (almost knows 3 different songs), and learning more and more everyday, she knows all her colors and can count from 1-11! I'll save more bragging for another post!