Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow ball fight!

Heres one of those cute Elf videos. It was a snowball fight of 2 on 3, so I had our family having a snowball fight against Nana and Grandpa Pizzey... lots of fun! Especially when Jordan gets canned or Grandpa nails Avery in the face!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching Up...

I honestly don't know why I haven't been a good blogger lately... we've been busy but I probably had time to blog. Maybe I haven't been too inspired with anything to to important to blog about, but I do think its a little lame that I only did 2 posts in November! Well December will definitely be much more eventful... maybe too eventful!

Well our house is officially and legally 100% ours! It has been such a long long wait for that day. It was official last week, there was 2 permits to get and an encroachment agreement from the city. Both were done and the permit was approved, it just took so long for all those things to be done! So basically we are beginning reno's now and hope to have our suite (in the basement) done before January, which pushes reno's upstairs needing to be done also (since we are using our old cabinets upstairs for the basement downstairs, and some of the old carpet from up here for down there, etc.) So Jordan finishes work on Dec. 18 for 3 weeks, so he along with some help from my brother will be working very hard! I helped much more with other reno's in our pasts houses we've done, but I feel kind of useless this time. And I do like to help, but being 4 months pregnant and a 1 year to watch there isn't too much I can do (except pick everything out, which I've had done for a while since I've had since August to think about it and live in this house and think how ugly it is and needs to change!)

So this Christmas is going to be odd, I'm going to do some decorating, but it breaks my heart to say I don't think we will be putting a tree up! Unless the carpet gets done right away (we are waiting to here back from our carpet guy) then putting a tree up just means one more thing to move when the carpet is installed. At least my Mom's house is just beautiful and Christmasy, and me and Avery will be spending lots of time over there while our kitchen is gutted and our house in un-livable. It will be a bit of a strange Christmas, but I'm glad we are staying here and not traveling, that would have just added to the craziness.

Right now what I'm looking forward too is next weekend! Me and Jordan are going to Banff, just the 2 of us to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! Its actually on the 18th but that weekend didn't work out, but it will be so nice to have some time together away from our crazy house and relax a little!

Thankfully most of my Christmas shopping is done (except Jordan, hes so hard to buy for) to that stress is out of the way, and my Christmas cards are done and out. So now that they have been mailed to close family and friends here is the Heavenor family 09 Christmas Card!!!

And some recent pictures of what we've been up too... or I guess just Avery! haha, kind of funny when kids come I forget to take pictures of us and just her.

Avery's first pony tail! Her hair is sort of at the mullet stage, but I guess we have to get through that to grow her hair out!

Curlers before Church, it always shocks me she doesn't take them out.

New favourite game of Avery's is playing in blankets!

Getting ready to go run erans with Mom and brave the cold!

Sorry if this post is scattered, that's how I feel my brain is right now with getting ready for Christmas and this renovation. Its alot to just schedule everything so our lives are totally disrupted, which they will be anyways! Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to have a handy hard working husband that is eager to get it done, as well as make my house much nicer and not so ugly (I'm getting soooo sick of this wallpaper wall!) But I'm excited for when its all over!

Monday, November 2, 2009


It was Avery's second Halloween! The last she was 2.5 months for so didn't quite get much out of it, but this one she loved dressing up for! I thought she would want to rip that lady bug costume off, but... nope! She loved it, and still wants to wear it.

When I first put it on her she kept squatting and feeling her big bum and smiling! And since Halloween her costume has been on her chair in her room and she goes in there and brings it out to me! haha, so I'm glad she enjoyed it, it was a comfy warm outfit!

So we had our yearly Halloween party at the church Wednesday, and then my parents and Kamry and Jason and little Talia came over Halloween. We had some home made clam chowder and home made bread (my first home made bread and it was good!) We took pictures of the girls (Talia was a cute little Santa) and then went to a couple houses with Avery. She didn't quite get trick or treating yet, but she didn't hate it! She enjoyed going door to door and seeing all the funny looking people. It was a nice night.

Since in our new house we didn't know how many trick or treaters we would get. We had a total of 6! Pathetic! I don't think many kids come on our street since we are on a busier street (waaaay to much leftover candy), oh well! Now I know for next year!

"Hey, this is kind of fun!"

The big lady bug bum, it was the cutest watching her walk from the back, everyone at the church party got a kick out of her waddle.

Avery and her little cousin Talia, but over a month old! Next year they will have more fun together!

Brock's funeral program

I should have posted this with my last post, but I forgot! Here is the program I did for Brock's funeral. Mari didn't want to use the boring one the funeral home did, so I did a more creative one for her I suppose!? It was great too do, man hes a good looking kid!


Back - The printing place had to change the fonts for some reason, so it didn't look exactley like this if you went to the funeral, this one is better!

Side Note - Don't you love nap time, *sigh* I just get so much more done!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Circle of Life

WARNING: Long post!

This has been a very emotional week, but also many blessings have come; such as my family spending so much time together supporting one another and getting even closer. I'm blessed to have a very close extended family that lives mostly in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, and its nice when we come together when tragedies happen.

I feel now that today brought some closure and I can do some blogging about the weeks events. My cousin Brock who I love so dearly as do many more took his life last Saturday, Oct. 17. He has struggled with severe drug addiction and attempted at rehabilitation a few times and had not beat it. He spoke with many family members that morning and was going to come to my parents to help lay sod with the rest of the boys. My dad, his Mom and my aunt had all said he seemed like his normal cheerful self that morning. We believe it was a quick decision as no note was left and he just felt there was no way out.

If anyone knows Brock, they loved him. He was a very charismatic guy and had such a huge heart! My aunt Mari and Brock's brothers Chase and Breton are doing incredible well, they are so strong and amaze me! We spent most of last Saturday at Mari's just being together to strengthening one another and remembering the wonderful guy Brock was. There has been an overwhelming amount of love displayed to our family, and at the 1000 people that filled Bonnie Doon Stake Center today it was evident how loved Brock was.

I in particular remember when I was grade 7 and Brock was in grade 9. He told me if I had any troubles with anyone picking on me to let him know. I later had a loser grade 8er bugging me o the bus, and I told him my cousin was Brock Walker and he immediately stopped bugging me. (Brock was known as a tough guy.) Brock later asked if I'd had any troubles and he was not impressed when I told him about this. Later Brock and his friend Brock this kid down to my class room right before lunch and made him get down on hid knees and say sorry to me in front of my whole class... I was never bugged again. That was Brock, huge heart and would do anything for his family, but tough, haha.

Her is Brocks obituary:
On Saturday, October 17th, our beloved son, brother, nephew, and friend to so many set aside the burdens he carried in this life to cross through to the loving arms of those who had preceded him.
Brock was born February 23, 1983 in Edmonton Alberta. He is survived by his mother, Mari Pizzey, brothers Breton and Chase Walker; his father and stepmother Jim and Sandra Walker and his brother Rheese Walker. His nana; Doreen Pizzey and Grandfather Hank Walker. His girlfriend Marie as well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Brock was a very charismatic and charming man. He had a huge heart, a bigger smile, and a natural love for others. He will be greatly missed by all.

Brock and his brothers Breton and Chase when they were little. They truly were the cutest little boys.

Brock and his brothers in february with there Mom Mari.

The service was so beautiful, my Auntie's Tonya and Tara gave a beautiful eulogy which made you laugh and cry, Brock was such a funny guy. My cousin Kensey and Brocks friend Mitch sang a lovely version of "I Need Thee Every Hour" and my dad gave an amazing talk on the Plan of Salvation and bunch of Brock's friends sang "Our Saviour's Love." The attendance was overwhelming, and it was a great time to remember Brock. I love you Brock, and know you are in a better place with a bright future.

Here are some pictures of the family today, I will explain who everyone is for those of you who don't know my family:

The cousins:

Top Left to Right: Me, Jordan, my sister Paige, my sister Taren and her husband Dave, Breton and Chase Walker (Brock's brothers), Tanner McClung and his wife Krystal (Tanner, my aunt Taras son), my brother Blake and his girlfriend Lindsay, Jesse Lang (his wife in front below)
Bottom Left to Right: My sister Kamry and her husband Jason and there little girl Talia, my cousin Emily, cousin Kensey and Cousin Kristen Lang (the last three all daughters of my aunt Tara.)

The Aunts & Uncles:

Left to Right: My aunt Tonya (my dads sister) holding my aunt Kendas baby Olivia, My Uncle George Lambert married to next my Aunt Tara Lambert (my dads sister), My Nana (my dads Mom) my Aunt Mari (my dads sister), My aunt Kenda (my dads sister) and her husband Liam, and my mom and Dad. Missing my uncle Kevin who had to go home after the service to Red Deer with his wife Pauline and daughter Eppy.

I love all these people so much!

As you see the title of my post, there are some happy things that happened also this week. My only and baby brother Blake got his mission call to Salt Lake City South! He's going to be such a awesome missionary!

Isn't he cute?! He was a little shocked because three boys out of there home ward were just called to Provo, so he thought Utah would have to be out! But hes very excited and heard great things about that mission.

And lastly, I guess I'll make it official on my blog... I'M PREGNANT! Yup, baby #2 on the way. I'm due May. 10, so 11.5 weeks! I wanted to wait till 12 weeks, but it got out some how to people in my ward, don't ask me how!? I haven't narrowed down the leak yet, so I figured I'd rather start telling people myself than hearing from other people.

We are very excited, we actually started trying in June and got pregnant right away, but a couple weeks after we found out we miscarried. I was only 6 weeks and although it was still tough to go through, with great family and being optimistic we got through it. We waited a little bit more after the miscarry, and hadn't quite started trying yet. But some determined little swimmer made its way through and we were surprised to be pregnant again so quick! But very excited and blessed! With the miscarry baby I felt no symptoms, but right away with this baby I started throwing up right a 4 weeks... and I was happy! This baby feels like its here to stay, and its already causing my belly to show! I forgot how early I show! Thank goodness for diclictin or I would feel awful, but as long as I remember to take them I feel pretty much normal. Still have to avoid some smells and food and eat right away in the morning, but feel pretty good! And excited!!!

Well that is my long post, thank you for anyone who showed my family support during this difficult time, it is very much appreciated! Love you!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Family pics - 09

So Leah Karch (see side "Leah photography) took our little families pics and Avery's 1 year shots a couple weekends ago, and this weekend I'll be getting the CD of all the pics, but here is one great shot that she put on her blog. I'm sure I'll have more to put up since she did such an awesome job!!! Leah - Thank you, you are so very talented!

Anyways, if you are needing an Edmonton photographer in the Edmonton area give her a call, shes fantastic, and she made taking the pictures (even in the cold) so much fun! I just love Avery's little face shes making in this pic, and usually Jordan hates pictures of couples kissing, but he didn't mind this one! I think its cause Leah did it so tastefully!

So this weekend is the big laying SOD weekend at my parents, which for me and Avery means playing inside! haha, and my sister Kamry's baby shower for sweet little Talia! Should be a fun weekend :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Will she ever walk...???

Avery is a few days away from being 15 months, and still not consistently walking! Everyone tells us that it is a good thing and your only busier when they walk. Yea... at 12 months sure, 13 months yea its okay, 14 months I guess this is alright..., but 15 months.... COME ON!

She definitely takes steps, probably max 10. Shes getting the concept, but its not a consistent thing. To get around she definitely prefers crawling or bum scooting. I'm hoping by at least Halloween she is walking so shes not bum scooting and getting her ferry costume all dirty! But honestly, at this point me and Jordan just look at each other and say "shes just never going to walk!"

Here are some pictures of attempts at walking, and pushing her hypo around. She does laps around the house with that hypo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good new latley :)

With the encroachment issue with our new house and a few other things we've been a little discouraged lately. Don't get me wrong, life is still good and we have so many blessings in our life. But there have just been a few things where we say "man, why can't things just go smoothly!?"

Well things have been definitely turning around lately! First my sister Kamry and her husband Jason had there little baby girl! I was convinced it was a boy - I'm not sure why, our family can't seem to produce boys! I was so exciting to see there sweet little girl, and just moments after she was born! And Avery will have a little buddy just a year and a bit younger! She is Avery's first cousin! They named her Talia Lee Low, and she was 8lbs even and 21 inches long and born at 12:02am on Sept.28. Kamry had a horrible pregnancy, and her birth was not much better! Her water broke at 2:00am on Sept. 26, and she wasn't having very regular contractions, so it was very long! She was eventually hooked up to the drip to get things going, and they increased by very slowly. All day Sunday she has very regular hard contractions! She was exhausted, and then right before pushing around 9 Sunday night her face was facing up which isn't good. Kamry was able to do some good pushy in different positions and Talia flipped last minute! Thank goodness, she would have had a c-section if she didn't turn after all that pushing! My mom was in the delivery room with Jason and Kamry and her birthday (My moms) is on Sept. 28! So when it was getting close to midnight she said hold on! And the doctor said "on Nana's orders" so they held off for a little and Talia came into the world on her Nana's birthday!!! Very exciting! Shes healthy and adorable, very Pizzey. She looks just like Kamry and Kamry thinks she looks like me! I do think she looks more like me than Avery! haha. So that is the first bit of good news!

Me and Talia and Kamry just moments after the birth, Kamry was such a trooper!

The next day Avery and me and Jordan went to see Talia, Avery didn't really know what to think of Talia...

Jordan and his first neice.

And then they city approved our garage encroachment! So they HOUSE IS OURS!!! Finally!!! So now we are just waiting for paper work and closing with the Lawyers which should only take about 15 days! But now we can FINALLY start some reno's! We got new appliances this weekend and moved ours to the basement, they are beautiful! Jordan found a killer deal on barely used stainless steal appliances! They are wonderful, and I finally have a dishwasher! I was getting just about to my max of washing dishes! So we are starting with the kitchen, and will slowly work away at the house as money allows! Very excited, I can't wait till this house starts looking the way we have pictured it!

So yes, things are happening, and Jordan finished his first 2 exams and feels they went pretty good for his CBV. So now he gets a little break and can enjoy some free time (which will probably be filled with reno's, but he enjoys that.)

And fall is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to thanksgiving this weekend and lots of time with family. Its so beautiful out, we had some family pictures done by Leah on the weekend, I'm really excited to see how they turned out, Avery was hilarious and I think Leah got some great shots! We did her one year shots then too, a little late but oh well!

We also enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home watching conference, I just love having conference in the home. Its such a nice feeling, and every time the choir sung Avery stopped what she was doing and danced (which is rocking back and forth.) She sure loves music, I just love this age! Shes such a blast, so hilarious! The things she does and how quickly she learns cracks me up! She is still stubborn and not walking consistently, she was walking much more yesterday, but starts laughing when she does it and falls down. Shes getting there, and just such a joy and blessing to us! And she is consistantley sleeping through the night now! She has been doing it like 75% of the time for a while, but the last 2 weeks she has every night! From 7:30/8ish until 7:30/8ish the next morning! Its wonderful, I don't think I've had this much sleep for a while, sometimes I'm even up before her in the mornings, which never happens, usually shes my alarm clock!

Well have a wonderful thanksgiving, I know we have lots to reflect on and be thankful for.

Some recent pics of Avery, I don't remeber what she was doing here, something funny!

Enjoying her cheerios in the morning, she was giving me a not very ammused face and leave me alone while I enjoy my cheerios.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Avery's Official 1st Birthday Bash!

Jordan my decorating assistant... hes proud of his work.

Well we finally had a chance to have Avery's first birthday. Between moving and family schedules it turned into being over a month late... but she doesn't know the difference! Jordan's Mom had a fitness conference in town so Avery's Grandpa and Nana Heavenor and Uncle Mike were in town from Vanderhoof. We had most of our immediate family and some extended and some close friends. It was a very fun time!

Uncle Cole, Grandpa and Nana Heavenor, Uncle Mike and Blake Hyde

Stefanie Hyde, Jordan, Uncle Jason and Auntie Kamry

Avery playing with her toys with her cousin Casey (Casey is actual my cousin - My Aunt Kerry's little girl but closer in age with Avery, so seems like a cousin.)

My Nana and Grandpa Pizzey

My great Grandma and Grandma

Me, Jordan and Avery

Lighting the candles, we striped Avery down to her diaper, we really didn't need to cause it wasn't that messy.

Avery wondering what everyone is singing?!?!

Avery's friends Casey and Jonah Chiu helping her blow the candles out. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the cake, it wasn't amazing, but it was 2 big balloon on top (orange and purple) of a pink base. Kind of cute and funny with balloon candles.

Enjoying her cake, she wasn't as messy as I'd hoped!

Yum! All done, time for presents!

Opening presents with Casey to help.

Sporting her first gymnastics body suite (present of course from Auntie Taren) and enjoying her chair from Auntie Kamry.

Monday, September 14, 2009

End of Summer fun!

Here are a bunch of things we did to keep busy during this Indian summer we've been having in Edmonton. Our house gets quite hot in the heat (we are seriously considering AC next summer) so me and Avery had lots of play dates in the sun and did some fun things with Daddy on the weekends.

After the splash park, Avery and Dmitri Choy came and played with some toys at our house.

After Avery went to sleep Jordan and I had a nice BBQ on our grill in the back yard, it actually worked really good! Looks like we wont need to buy a BBQ for a while still!

Me & Avery at Miquelon Lake

Jordan and Avery building a sand castle At Miquelon.

Avery's head full of curlers for church - surprisingly didn't pull them out?!

At the leg grounds with Kate and Kara. Kate and Kara are 8 months, they are my sister Kamry's nieces, Amelia's little girls. Very cute!

Playing at Kristen and Casey's house - My cousins, but seem more like Avery's cousins cause of there age, they are so cute with Avery.

Avery doing her silly face in the pool with Casey.

This is just Avery playing at home, I just like it cause she looks so old!

So we have a busy week this week, we are having Avery's bday party this weekend, and Jordan's family is coming for that which is nice. So lots to get ready, should be fun! And its supposed to be nice this week again! So maybe in between we will have some fun outside too.