Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twins B-Day and Fathers Day fun

Well the day for my sweetie pie started with breakfast in bed. I used the tray that came with Avery's high chair! ha! His favourite is blueberry pancakes and REAL bacon. Because of being health conscious we usually only have turkey bacon, so he got a big pile of real bacon. And his favourite candies (don't worry he didn't have them for breakfast.) I think he really enjoyed himself.
Now the funnest part. This day was also my twin sisters birthday! They turned 23, so I saw this AWESOME idea on Bakerella's (see her blog under "Sites I Enjoy" on the left) for these cupcakes treats that look like slider hamburgers! How cute hey! I was literally giddy when I put them together cause they were just too fun!

So I just make some vanilla cupcake batter and made some cupcakes the night before. And then cut them in half. The beef patty is brownies. I just made a 9x9 pan of brownies and used a circle cookie punch to make the shape. My browns were thicker, so I cut them in half.
The icing was the funnest! I was impressed with myself because I made these colors using only primary colors (red, yellow & blue.) I must say in school for our Color Theory class we had to make like 50 color wheels, so I've had some experience making every color you can think of with just primary colors. So I had some fun mixing colors. I suggest putting the icing in the fridge for a while cause it gets thicker and easier to play with for the toppings!

Hamburger slider army!

Birthday cupcakes for Kamry and Taren!

Enjoying the fruits of my labour, and they taste great too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you Leah!

When we went to Millcreek pool a couple weekends ago Leah brought her nice new camera. She is starting to get into photography and photo editing and sent me this awesome shots she took and edited of Avery. I just love them! Sort of makes me get the photography bug! Maybe some other day when we aren't buying a new house and moving! haha. Thanks Leah!

Monday, June 22, 2009

You Sweeten Up my Life

Here is a new page I did on one of our Mommy / Daughter / dog picnics! haha. I was just in love with this set when I found it on Sugar Plum and had to get it! I remembered Avery had a red shirt in these pictures and thought "Perfect!" Fun fun!

John & Kate's big announcement tonight.... who's betting its a divorce?!?! I still love the show, but oh my goodness its sad now! Almost depressing! Once again like I've said before, it sure makes me happy for my simple life. This is just my opinion, but I think Kate has changed so much... for the worse. Jordan watched it with my last week and he even said how Kate makes him sick how into herself and flashy she is now! I swear every time she laughs its such a phony laugh, and it seems like her marriage and John is soooo low on the list! Whatever, just my opinion, I'm interested to see tonight!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a lovely day for a picnic, swimming and good friends!

Summer has finally arrived in Edmonton! To enjoy the hot weather and sunshine Me, Taren (my sister), Julie & Leah went to Mill Creek pool. We were all husband-less that day, so had some nice girl time at the pool. Paige (my other sister) joined us later.

It was Avery's first time at an outdoor pool, she was a little unsure of the cold water and loud kids. But she adjusted quickly and really enjoyed herself. She is definitely a outdoorsy girl!

The weather was beautiful, we had a nice picnic lunch and enjoyed the sun and cooled off in the pool. Here are some pics from the day.

Avery in her cute bathing suite from Nana Heavenor. Nana Pizzey got her one but its getting too small now, and this one is just a little big (shes sort of in between sizes.)

Me & Avery with Auntie Taren - yes my white skin is definitely in need of some sun! Taren made me look even whiter!

Avery enjoying her new floaty, she was getting very excited kicking around in it!

Leah, Taren, Avery, Paige & Julie

Sisters: me, Taren, Avery & Paige

Avery enjoying a strawberry. She made quite a nice little mess, good thing for the pool!

Avery trying Auntie Paige's sweet shades on! Too cute hey ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proud of my Man!

Jordan is officially done his degree!!! He finished classes in December, but his convocation was yesterday. It was very special and fun to see him walk across the stage and get his degree! My sister Taren also graduated with him, Taren and Jordan have done many of there classes together and work great together. They have become good friends through University.

Now is my time to talk up my husband (sorry for the next paragraph of bragging! haha)

Jordan is such a hard worker, his parents taught him to work hard and it shows! He worked hard through all his classes and received great grads because of it. And because of his experience (he also did the Co-Op program) and people skills, even in this tough economy he earned a great job with Meyer Norris Penny as a Business Valuator. He loves the people he works with and the job. And even though he has had to learn lots from this job he has caught on quick and put in lots of hard work and over time to earn his bosses respect.

Now while working full time he is completing his "Charted Business Valuator (CBV)" from home out of a University in Ontario which should take about 2 years part time. He is doubling up on classes to get it done quicker.

Aside from school and work he is the Young Men's president in our ward and works sooo hard at that! It is practically a part time job and he is very dedicated and caring towards the boys in our ward.

And on top of that he is a wonderful, dedicated and loving father and husband! I could not as for more!

Taren & Jordan after the ceremony

Kerri (Jordan's Mom, Jordan & Me)

Jordan & His Mom

My Nana, My Dad, Taren, Jordan, My Mom, Taren's mother-in-law Diann Hirsche & Kerri

Dave, Taren, Jordan and I

Jordan with my parents

Sentimental dress

My parents are moving (or have moved now) and I was helping my Mom pack last week. We went through all these old dresses that she kept of mine, it was lots of fun and brought back many great memories.
Well we found this dress that I've never seen, or never seen a picture of me in it. Its adorable! I guess when I was about Avery's age my Grandparents went to Germany on a trip and brought this dress back for me!
I just love it and hoped it would fit Avery, and it fit perfectly! There was a couple stains which I was able to get out with bleach, and then for church I wanted it to look just perfect! So I ironed it (I haven't ironed any of Avery's clothes yet, its funny ironing such little pieces) and it worked out great! Funny thing though, since its from Germany I had to google the word "Baumwolle" that was on the tag to see what material of the dress was made it, and it was Cotton as I suspected (I just didn't want the wrong iron setting.)
Man she is squirmy lately, it is very hard to get a good picture of her. So here are the best ones I got.