Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Buns a cookin... 30 weeks!

So happy to be writing this post! I'm 30 weeks today, and so happy to feel this little one bootin around all the time! I don't know if this is because its my second (full term baby) or because Heavenly Father is cattering to my parnioa, because I feel this baby wiggling around so much more than Avery! Not that I didn't feel Avery, but this one is a kicker!!!

And this one still likes to nestle in my ribs like Avery and park its hyney there... but thats okay! I'll take it!

Definetly have not taken as many pregnant pictures this time around either, I always forget or think about it when Jordan's not around (I need to teach Avery to take pictures that are... able to distinguish) but I rembered today! Here Iam, so people have said I look smaller and good... I still feel huge! When I hear that I do get parnoid because last time people told me how good I looked and smaller than Avery, its because my baby wasn't growing anymore... But thankfully this baby moves so much I can just watch my belly move, and then I feel reassured again :)

10 weeks left, and 4 weeks left of work!!! I've been blessed with a good job and great boss that I will miss, but at this point anything is a lot of work. I'm not very good at slowing down either, I tend to just go go go, but I need to listen to my body more and take it easy.

Avery's big girl room is officially done! Jordan just needs to put up a curtain rod and then pictures to come! And baby room is... done since its just Avery old room! I know... boring unisex, but its still cute! I'll post pics to soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parenting rant... forgive judgemental Breanne please :)

So I'm at the park tonight with Avery and there are 2 other Mom's there with there kids... talking on their cell phones the whole time?!!? And it wasn't like a quick phone call, they were both on their phones when I got there, and until they left, which was about 20 mins after we arrived!

It almost seemed like they go take there kids to the park... to talk on their phones! Wanna know there really strange part, they were together... like a play date??? Really strange...

The one mother's daughter actually got hurt, and the mom was soothing enough to go over and give her daughter a hug... but end her phone conversation... no!

Now here is the funny part (or maybe sad is a better word.) Since I was playing with my daughter and having fun, the little daughter from the one mother (she was probably just a little older than Avery) started to ask me to go ride the slide with her or push her on the swing or just... play with her! Did the mother clue into this... no! I kept telling her politely that she should ask her Mommy! haha, I don't know if that's rude... but its not my kid! And I DO come to the park to play with my child... isn't that idea???

I should say one day I ran into a friend of mine at the park with her kids, and she was talking to her brother on the phone. But he was way across the world and they had been trying to touch base for a while and that was the time he got a hold of her. So maybe I'm judging these mothers and there is a good reason they were on the phone... but you can kind of sense that hey? And it did just seem like chit chat.

Is this what our world is coming too?? Sad. Alright enough of my rant, here is the reason I go to the park :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter... yea.. I said Easter!

Where have I been??? Well probably spending any of my spare time into Avery’s big girl room, yes I will admit... maybe more than I should... but it’s worth it right!? I have had the thought cross my mind while putting my time into her room “Oh the things we do for our kids” but then I think how much fun I’m having pulling out my artistic side that I have not for a while and remember that this room is probably half for me... hehe!

Well I’ve been meaning to post these fun pictures from Easter, we had a really nice Easter weekend filled with many lots of dinners and 3 Easter egg hunts for Avery! I think if we’d let her she would still want us to hide Easter eggs for her and to find them! Every egg was such a joy to find!

We started off Good Friday with a little Easter party at my Moms that she did. It was really fun, decorated eggs, had a very exciting Easter egg hunt for the girls (Avery, Talia and my little cousins Kristin and Casey.)

Second Easter egg hunt at Auntie Kelli’s house (Jordan’s sister) and Uncle Chris’s. Jordan’s parents came into town and we had a really nice dinner and visit with everyone!

And then of course Easter morning! Oh the joys of the Easter bunny! I must say this Easter I did feel Avery was old enough to learn about the true meaning of Easter, so three or so FHE's before we learned about Jesus, and I am so impressed how much sunk in! She still brings up how Jesus died on the cross. That is one thing this past year I've learned from my calling and Avery, it is never to early to teach your children the Church.

Avery in her Easter dress sporting her hat the Easter bunny brought her, she loves it! She so Jordan's little girl, I knew she'd love this baseball hat cause she loves wearing Jordan's even when its too big for her.

Funny story, Avery never likes when I try and get her to wear her hair down, she always needs it up. Well now that her favourite movie is Tangled, it is now her favorite thing to wear her hair down! She always says how her hair is so long and prey like Rapunzel! Thank you Disney :)