Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up with Good Friends

Chantal Chiu (Simpson), Brittany Winn (Oviatt) and I were best friends growing up, especially through high school. Me and Brittany have been friends since we were 6, and then Chantal joined our Church in Grade 6 (I'm pretty sure, somewhere around there) and she came into our life and the three of us did lots together!
Anyways, now we are all married and off in our own lives but when we get back together its just like old times! Chantal got married a few months after Jordan I did so about 4.5 years ago. Chantal and Jeremy have a adorable 3 years old son Jonah and live in Sherwood Park so we seem them once and a while. And Brittany was married just about a year ago and living in Nelson BC with her husband TJ and they love it there! So Brittany was visiting family and in town and arranged for us to have lunch together. It was a great time, and Brittany hadn't seen Avery since she was just brand new! So it was great to catch up and laugh like old times! I love these 2!
Below is a picture of us at highschool grad, I was looking for an older picture of just the three of us, but couldn't find one. But we still have changed quite a bit over 6 years!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snip Snip!

Well Avery was born with tons of dark hair, which surprised me! I guess Jordan was born with hair, but I was a baldy! I was reading a journal my Mom kept when I was little and she said my dad would call me baldy, and I bet I didn't get a hair cut until I was at least 2!

Well Avery lost most of her hair from when she was born, so I thought she was going to be like me. But then it all grew back. I didn't think she would need a hair cut before she was one, and she probably didn't really NEED it! But I was at the hair dressers on Saturday and asked Lucia (my long wonderful trusty hairdresser) if I should bring her in. And she said its good to get that first trim and get it all evened out and then it grows in better! So we had Avery's first hair cut yesterday!

Her hair is so funny, its very thick on top and almost in her eyes now and tons at the back too, so it was nice to have it evened out and now its out of her eyes. Also annoying cause she pulls all the clips out or headbands I put in her hair now! So that made me want to take her to Lucia even more.

My shaggy girl before haircut.

Of course we go on a day where shes a grump already, but she was quite the drama queen! She would not let me take her soother out for a picture! I don't think she liked that she was held by Jordan, that probably bothered her most! haha. We all just laughed at her unnecessary fussing!

Drama Queen!!!

She will grow to love Lucia, because she will make her more beautiful than she already is!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love at Home

At church today we had a really good lesson about Love at Home. The teacher had about 6 of us share how we show Love at Home or an experience regarding the topic. I was one of them, and just shared some points of what I think about the topic and how I try and show Love at Home. I was sitting with a friend in my ward Jaima and she suggested I post this on my blog, it hadn't crossed my mind but I thought, hey why not! So thanks for the suggestion Jaima. Here is what I spoke on:

1. Your spouse always comes first. When Jordan and I were engaged, we were speaking with my Nana Pizzey and she said to us to always keep each other first. If we do that then the love and attention needed for our children will follow. But if the relationship between husband and wife suffers, then the family suffers. I had not really thought about it that way, but it makes so much sense. No one should be more important that your spouse, even your children. I have tried to follow my grandparents and my parents in example in that, and have seen that when Jordan comes first, my love for Avery only increases. After my Nana told me this, I thought back to my parents. They certainly followed that advice as well. There was never a question of how much my dad loved us even though he is not an openly affectionate person. But if we ever tried to get my dad on our side when we were in an argument with my mom – forget about it! It usually ended very badly for us, because my Mom came first. And I still see that today. I remember every morning before leaving to work my dad always made sure he came and gave my mom and kiss goodbye and said I love you. Of course when your little that was “gross” but as I grew older you actually look forward to seeing that in the morning. That is now something my husband and I do before he leaves to work, and I look forward in a few years to hearing the “gross” comments by kids to follow, because I know deep down they appreciate seeing love displayed between their parents.

2. Keeping a clean, orderly and inviting home. I believe this is a way to show love, maybe not a way that everyone would think of immediately, but creating a home where the spirit can dwell easily and creating an environment that your husband and children look forward to coming to after a long and sometimes hard day at work and school. I believe that is a way of showing love. My Mom was a great example of this, I looked forward to coming home to a nice organized home and a good supper. I know life is busy now and often with the economy and other things the husband is not the only one working. But one thing I try and do is create a place where the family would want to be at the end of the day. I try and do this by keeping our home tidy and having pictures in the home of Christ and the Temple and other church related material displayed. A place where the spirit can be felt, homework can be done without sorting through the clutter for somewhere to work, dinner can be had with the family, Family Home Evenings can be done, and family memories can be made. No home not matter how costly, is beautiful if it is neat. I believe this shows my family love.

3. And the last thing I’ve learned is the best way to show my family love is by taking care of my own spiritual well being and helping my testimony always grow. I believe the best way parents can teach their children is by example. If our children never see us pray, read our scriptures or live the values of the church, then what incentive do they have to do so? If I’m doing those key things to keep the spirit strong in my life, hopefully my family will do the same. And by teaching by example and demonstrating the importance of the gospel, I believe this is the best love a parent can give. Also by giving positive and loving reinforcement at home for both husbands and children can give them the encouragement and love that they need every day. There is a phrase that is was on my Mom’s apron growing up and it says “If Momma ain’t happy, no one is happy.” I completely agree, the Mother sets the tone for the homes. And when I’m doing my best at prayers, scriptures and living the church standards (which isn’t always, I’m not perfect) I’m most happy which then shows my family love and sets the tone of love in the home.

And stay tuned because we SOLD OUR HOUSE! Yay, and we got a house in the area we wanted, it all happened so fast but we are so happy and feel so blessed that it all worked out so perfectly! I will write about it soon, I just want to have some pictures of the new place first (I just checked MLS and they are already removed.) Taa Taa!