Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi blogging friends,

I've been a horrible blogger, and I'm not necessarily promising I will get better. It seems with work and summer events starting, there is not a lot of free time! And that free time is spent with my favourite people... being Jordan and Avery :)

Work is great... but busy! I'm still part time, but I find myself taking work home lately and preparing presentations and working on clients files during Av's nap time and after she goes to bed. That then leaves my "nap time duties" to be done some other times... not sure when that is?! I also like to spend as much time with Avery when I am home from work! But I know this is many working mothers dilemma, this is just me ranting and still adjusting. But I sure am productive when I'm busier!

Anyways, reno projects are still on the go. Until our fence is done, in house things are on hold. More pictures to come! We've had lots of fun family gatherings lately, which I will post pics of once I get them (I hate forgetting my camera, thankfully my sisters and Mom didn't forget.) And I had a baby shower for my dear sweet friend Tara and her son Boston on the weekend which was lots of fun, hes so darn cute! Well here's some updates of my cutie pie lately!

Before church, she loves wearing her dresses.

This is Avey's tome boy side, she loves puttig her daddys hats on!

Oh and please Mothers out there who have had kids addicted to there soothers... this is a bad picture of Avery, but it shows her crazy addiction to soothers! I have a goal that by the time shes 2 I will be rid of that thing! But its going to be no easy task, any tips you mommas have are much appreciated!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun on the Farm!

This week we had such a great little play date with some of my girlfriends and there kids. Lisa invited us over to her parents house who have a acreage outside of Sherwood Park. Her dad was a Rancher his whole life and just retired and they bought a smaller place closer to the city. Even though it was a little chilly out, we all had such a great time! Thank you to Lisa and Mr. Conrad for there hospitality!

Dmitri (Lisa's son) and Zach (Rachel's son) on the horse, they were both very brave! You won't see any of Avery on the horse, although she really enjoyed looking and touching them, she was too nervous to sit on them.

I love this little guy, Cori's son Dylan! His face was precious, it was like "should I cry or laugh right now? I'm not too sure?!?!" Pretty brave for a 13 month old!

Such boys these 2, they LOVED the tractor!

Me and Avery going for a quad ride with Lisa and Dmitri

We had a awesome pot luck lunch after, lots of good food, here is the kids enjoying from fruit after lots of playing outside.

Sleepy heads on the way back home, we caught ride out with Zach and Rachel. These 2 just love each other! When I'm at work Rachel watches Avery, so they are best buddies! So it was fun for me to see them together playing!