Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season!!!

Well, it finally feels like Christmas! Because of the late snow (in Edmonton we didn't get snow until December!) it really seemed to take a while for it to feel like Christmas for me! I wasn't even that pumped to get the tree up which usually Jordan has to keep telling me to wait until December.
But now that the house is all decorated and we did our Christmas shopping last week I'm feeling the Christmas spirit!
Its fun to have a baby this Christmas, even though Avery doesn't understand what Christmas is yet! I have this little shirt that says "Babies first Christmas" on it and put it on her with some little red socks and took some pictures the other day. I tried to get some with the tree in the back ground, but its a little hard when she has to be propped up.
So we are off to Vanderhoof this year. We will see how Avery does with the 8 hour drive there and 8 hour drive back! Thankfully she is pretty good in her car seat, it might just mean we take out time!
And Avery is just growing like a weed. The last couple days she has really figured out her voice... and seems to really like hearing herself. Last night while I was making dinner she was in her swing just chatting away to herself so loud! I was just laughing listening to her and Jordan comes rushing in the kitchen cause he couldn't believe she was so loud! He said "Avery, is mom beating you!?" haha, obviously a joke! But she just loves making happy baby talk! Its quite funny to listen to her.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and drive safe if your traveling!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little girl is already 3 months!!!

Avery turned 3 months this past Friday, I seriously feel like we just brought her home from the hospital! When she was born everyone would tell us to cherish each moment because they grow so quickly, and its true! She is growing so fast.
I went to her 3 months check up on Friday and she weights 13.1 pounds now and is 24 inches tall (she was 7.4lb and 20 inches when she was born.) That means she is in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! Isn't that crazy... could you imagine Jordan and I having a tall child... we are shrimps! I'm sure kids will catch up with her and she will slow down, but that just blew my mind!
Her little personality is forming too! She is quite a happy smiley baby! She has started even laughing and making lots of happy sounds that make us laugh. Its quite fun watching her grow. Here are some recent pictures of my little miss sunshine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Avery's first Halloween, and our Halloween 08

Jordan and I went to a couples Halloween party on Nov. 1 at a friend's house in our ward which was lots of fun! As you can see I was a cookie and Jordan was the cookie monster. I can't take credit for this clever costume as my sister and her husband were this a couple years ago when they were dating. But we did get best couple costume at the party! I didn't think we deserved it since I believe there were better couple costumes there, but you can't argue with votes!
Following are some of the other great costumes at the party.

Nicole and Terry Palmer at the SNL cheerleaders

April & Aaron as Juno and Bleeker, I love Aaron's shorts!

Trina and Mike as punks!

Andy as laudnry and Virginia as a deviled egg, very clever!

Kirk and Suzanne at the marshins from Sesame street, I love these costumes because it brought back great memories! Remeber these guys, "Yeep Yeep" and "Nope Nope"

Now here is Avery at her first Halloween. Jordan's aunts had sent us an adorable fairy outfit for her. Thankfully our ward had a party so I was able to show off her outfit somewhere! She pretty much slept the whole time but that afternoon I took some pictures of her in her outfit. She just looked so darn cute, and she held out pretty good. Near the end of our little phot shoot she was getting a little fussy, but overall I got some cute shots.
I think she can probably even where this for next Halloween because there is definetly room to grow in it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Avery's room

So this is Avery's funky room! We didn't find out what I was having when I was pregnant, we left it a surprise (which I quite enjoyed.) So I tried to keep the room neutral in gender so that it wasn't too girly or too boyish. But once we had our sweet little girl I decided to add some pink to girl it up!
I had put on facebook pictures of her bedroom, but I decided to add some on here with the pink accents now, hopefully the room is a little more girly now!

The weight, date and name block were a gift from my friend Chantal Chiu.

The laundry basket my good friend Tara Fullmer gave to me because she knew I was having a hard time finding the perfect laundry basket to match the room - Tara understands my craziness to match since she is similar! haha.

Our neighbors from upstairs are so sweet, this was a gift from them! Kathryn owns a interior decorating business that specializes in kids rooms (its called "Go to your Room.") Shes also a very talented artist. She painted this for Avery as a gift, so sweet hey!

Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Heavenor family Christmas card

Okay blogger friends (and other friends can respond through facebook or email.) I need help from your creative minds! I know this is a little early, but I've sort of become obsessed with digital scrapbooking! I know... I never thought those words would come out of my mouth! I will explain.

I have been a pretty intense scrapbooking for almost 10 years! When digital scrapbooking was introduced I was very opposed to it because I was trying to hold onto the old fashioned way and I did not think you could be creative and express your talent doing the digital way.

Well I bought a program earlier this year with the purpose of doing things like announcements (when Avery arrived) and thank you cards, things like that. Well as I've realized it does still require creativity and there are many cool things you can do that are harder to do when doing the old fashioned way of scrapbooking. So to my surprise I have decided to switch to digital scrapbooking soon (I have some pictures developed right now that I'm working on, so once I'm done those pages I turn over to digital.) I know, this is a life changing decision... jk!

Also my husband is happy about this decision as it will save quite a bit of money on supplies. Basically I will just have to pay to have my pages printed now! Anyways, that's my thoughts on that.

Now back to the beginning paragraph, I need your creative minds opinions. Yes, this is early but ever since we've been married I've wanted to do the photo Christmas card to family and friends but sort of wanted to wait until we had kids (nothing against couple photo Christmas cards, thats just me!)

Well we have Avery now! So I've created 3 photo Christmas cards for this year and I really cannot choose which one I like best. So please tell me which you prefer. And for those of you who will receive one in the mail, I'm sorry I've sort of wrecked the surprise of what it will look like! Just think of it that you got a sneak peak!

Thanks, let me know which you like.

Christmas card #1

Christmas card #2

Christmas card #3

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So... who does Avery look like???

One thing I noticed about having a new baby is everyone asks you, "So who does she look like?"
Well at first I saw no resemblance to me at all, and she was all dad!
But as she grown a bit more I have seen more of me in her. I say shes a pretty good mix, its fun to see bits of Jordan in her and bits of me in her too! She definitely has her daddy's eyes, but I think she may have my mouth and nose.
Well, I've put a couple of Jordan's baby pictures here, followed by my baby pictures and then Avery's pictures. So you can decide for yourself!

Baby Jordan

Baby Jordan

Baby Breanne

Baby Breanne


Little Avery
And Avery again!

Avery's baby blessing - Sept. 7/08

Avery with her parents and both sets of Grandparents.

Avery with all her Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents.

Avery was blessed on Sept. 7/08 in our home ward, Forest Heights ward. We had all our immediate family there (except Jordan's brother Nathan who really wanted to come but wasn't able too because of distance.)
It was a very special day and Jordan gave a very lovely blessing. We also had other extended family and close friends there to share that special moment with us too.
In Avery's circle was her daddy of course, her Grandpa Pizzey, our Bishop, and Avery's uncle's Cole, Jason, Dave & Chris.

Avery in her dress which I wore for my baby blessing. My mom made a little slip to do underneath it.

Oh no... is she going to make it?! Getting a little squirmy...

And she did, she was a perfect angel!

Avery's growing... way too fast! But its fun :)

Everyone told me when Avery was born to cherish every moment because they grow up way to fast! Well... its true!
Avery is only 2 months old and already time as just sped by, and she has changed so much! She's smiling all the time, and the last couple weeks shes doing her little baby voices back to us. Its fun to watch her discover her voice and make little noises back to us when we talk to her.
Here are some pictures from youngest to oldest of the last couple months! Shes chubbed right out!