Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season!!!

Well, it finally feels like Christmas! Because of the late snow (in Edmonton we didn't get snow until December!) it really seemed to take a while for it to feel like Christmas for me! I wasn't even that pumped to get the tree up which usually Jordan has to keep telling me to wait until December.
But now that the house is all decorated and we did our Christmas shopping last week I'm feeling the Christmas spirit!
Its fun to have a baby this Christmas, even though Avery doesn't understand what Christmas is yet! I have this little shirt that says "Babies first Christmas" on it and put it on her with some little red socks and took some pictures the other day. I tried to get some with the tree in the back ground, but its a little hard when she has to be propped up.
So we are off to Vanderhoof this year. We will see how Avery does with the 8 hour drive there and 8 hour drive back! Thankfully she is pretty good in her car seat, it might just mean we take out time!
And Avery is just growing like a weed. The last couple days she has really figured out her voice... and seems to really like hearing herself. Last night while I was making dinner she was in her swing just chatting away to herself so loud! I was just laughing listening to her and Jordan comes rushing in the kitchen cause he couldn't believe she was so loud! He said "Avery, is mom beating you!?" haha, obviously a joke! But she just loves making happy baby talk! Its quite funny to listen to her.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and drive safe if your traveling!