Sunday, December 11, 2011

No blog November??

November I find is a blah month... Except for jordans bday, no holidays or events. I find it's the month where were just stalling before Christmas!

Don't get me wrong, we still got around and had plenty to do. Played in the first snow fall, decorated the house for Christmas, watched Avery's ballet class, Jordan's kids work Christmas party at Galaxy Land, went to Calgary for baby Tyson's baby blessing (our only Heavenor cousin so far) and visited with my Aunties while we were there, had a sick little baby with her 3rd brutal cold of her short 4 month life! Took her into emerge... to find out it was just a bad viral cold.

Well this year November was particularly busy. With my calling right now December can be busy with Christmas plans for the kids and mostly with planning and preparing for next year. Last year I tackled all this during December and all the Christmas craziness, but I had this feeling I needed to get all my primary stuff done for 2012 on November and try and get most of my Christmas prep done early too. It was some what logical since me and a few girlfriends had a trip planned from dec.10-18 . We were going to fairmont with our kids and staying in my girlfriends time share. But I do also think the Lord was preparing me for something else that I didn't know was coming that would need my full attention.

Well (see bottom 2 photos) our little sweet pea Marli has a bit of a adventure ahead of her. Like her momma (me) we have found out she has Hip Dysplasia. Basically it is where the babies hips have not developed properly into the sockets. I had it when I was young and wore a brace from 6-18 months. Both of her hips are out, and the left in particular is quite bad. I guess its out and at a weird angle.

We met with the Orthopedic Pediatric Sergent last week and she feels the brace may not fully correct it because of that angle. So we are giving the brace a go for a month and sending us for another ultra sound. If there is not enough improvement she will have to have a "Closed reduction" where she is put to sleep and they reset her hip and make a small incision in her inner thigh to cut a tendon so that the hip can stay.

Then to keep the hip in place she will need a "Spica cast" which is basically a body cast from her chest down (with a hold where I do diaper changes... yea... fun!) So lets all pray that the brace works! So that is our next adventure. I must say... I'm glad out of my 2 girls that Marli is going through this. She is so happy and chill and easy going! She has adjusted amazingly with the brace! Such a trooper!