Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chopper Ride = One of the funnest surprises!

Jordan's big 3 0 is this year! His real birthday is Nov. 6. I snuck his phone and peeked at his Calendar and there was 2 weekends that really could work before his real birthday that he didn't have class or a assignment due for his CMA program. He was onto me, but I knew he did not like big surprise parties... and meant it!

As many of you know Jordan did Fire Fighting for the Forest Service for many summer before and after his mission. He loved that job so much, and a big part of that was flying in helicopters. So I had the idea of setting up a helicopter ride for him with Avery and myself. I know Jordan and knew that the best part for him would be enjoying the ride with us.

I contacted Jordan's old boss at the Forest Service in Edmonton (he did dispatching for them for a couple summers after we were married) and he connected me with Canadian Helicopters (who were fabulous to work with by the way!)

So thanksgiving weekend Avery and I picked up Jordan from work Friday night. He knew something was up, but didn't know what. My Mom was watching Marli and when Jordan got in the car he asked where Marli was. Avery said "Happy Birthday! Were going on a helicopter ride!!" Jordan looked so surprised and was really excited!

I was a little nervous that Avery would get worried and scared and not want to go... and then what do we do?!? So all week I watched You Tube videos with her of helicopter rides. I would show her how it was going to be loud and that she would have to wear head phones. On a side note, Avery knew about the helicopter ride for months while I was planning this and didn't say a word! Pretty good for a 3 year old!

Well all my worries were washed away, this girl apparently has no fear and must be an extremist! She showed no signs of fear, and was nothing but excited! It made me and Jordan laugh the whole ride to see the joy on her face!

Since Jordan has flown so much in helicopters, he insisted I sit in the front which was really cool! So him and Avery cozied up in the back.

About to take off!

Love this pic of Avery, pure joy!

We flew over downtown and thought it would be neat to drive over my parents house. They loved having these ariel shots too!

Avery thought it was so cool to talk into the headphones, she loved hearing herself. She is quite the chatter box lately, so Jordan was joking that it was nice to turn her off! In the front our head sets just automatically worked when we spoke. In the back Jordan had to press a button so he decided when Avery could be heard, haha!

She got so giddy at times, and she has quite the imagination! At one point in the head set she said "Mom watch out, there is a alligator!!!" The pilot thought that was pretty funny!

We drove over our house, its a little harder to point out that my parents! haha, tad smaller! The big field and building is the school right beside us. Basically we are facing the main road (106 Ave) and the second house in east of the school.

I'm so glad we went in the fall cause it was just beautiful! Shot of downtown Edmonton as we came back to the downtown airport.

Jordan's new building, new Epcor building.

Coming into land at the downtown airport.

Just landed!

In the hanger after the flight.

So much fun! One HUGE regret is not taking a video! Both Jordan and I had our I-phones and Avery loves watching videos on our phones that we take. DUH! Totally forgot, don't you hate those moments, its like you want to rewind time because its not like we are going to do a helicopter ride again anytime soon!

Afterwards we went to Jordan's favourite restaurant Thanh Thanh's. I told him just my parents were there, but he noticed a few peoples cars in the parking lot! We had our immediate family there as well who could make it! We had a really nice dinner and then came back to our house for cake. Pictures to follow of that...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery girl!

I cannot believe how late this post is! The problem was all the pictures were on my parents camera, so believe it or not I just got them!

So this was Avery's 3rd birthday party... Dore theme as requested! I hate to admit this, but it was very thrown together... and my 39 week pregnant body was quite exhausted so not as elaborate as I would like! But my sweet little 3 year old did not seem to notice or care! We had a lot of fun.

I was trying to cram this party in before Marli arrived! And man... I did it just in time. Unfortunately the weekend that we were able to do it was the Friday of August long weekend so a lot of our party guests were out of town. But we had a nice time, and as you know Marli came a week early (2.5 days after this birthday party) so I really did sneak this in party in just in time!

Here are some pics from the happy party!

Enjoying the swing, I just love my parents house! Its like a one stop Birthday place, an extreme activity center!

Avery and her cousin Casey, she just adores her!

Avery loves Dora... and loves Rapunzel from Tangled almost just as much! So this present from her cousins Kristen and Casey was just about the most wonderful thing! She just loved her Rapunzel dress!

I think this was our last picture as a family of three, with our sweet little three year old!

Me and Rachel literally ready to pop! The next day Rachel went into labor and had her son about 36 hours after this photo, and I went into labor just over 48 hours after this photo and have Marli 2.5 days after this photo!