Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Lets Party!"" - Robin Williams

Finally Spring as arrived! It seemed to take forever here in Edmonton, but we are really enjoying it! I have realized that Avery really enjoys being outside and unlike many babies really likes grass and doesn't mind sitting on it!

Being in a basement suite, sometimes you don't even notice how nice it is outside. Thankfully we have a dog so I take her out every morning and figure it out. We also have larger windows down here, and the first thing I do in the morning is crack the blinds.

We are also trying to sell our house right now. We have decided after 4.5 hours years of living below ground, its time to get our own house and live on a main floor! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So hopefully it doesn't take too long, you never know with this market though!

But my point in telling that, is we have had a few realtor's showing the place around lunch time. So this is what started me and Avery's little picnic lunches. We usually go on walks around this time which is good for me, Avery & Kona. But if its around lunch then I pack me and Avery a lunch and we go to the park while Kona runs around chasing her ball and enjoy the sun! So now we have started doing that on days when its just sunny outside, its much more enjoyable than eating lunch inside. So these first pictures are from our little picnic lunches, I tried to set the camera up and get good picture of the both of us... didn't work so well!

My sweet girl, don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Avery watching Kona play, shes very fascinated by her!

This weekend we also went and took advantage of the beautiful spring green landscape and took some family pictures. We brought our camera and when Jenny wasn't taking pictures of us we got some snap shots. Unfortunately we didn't get one of the whole family (since we were all in the pictures) but check out Jenny's blog ( she is an awesome photographer.

We haven't had a family photo for years except at weddings. So we had to get this done before Blake is gone on his mission, and summer is just too busy. We wanted an old barn, so me and Avery went for a little drive in the country. I totally fluked out and was driving down this road and just turned into this drive way only to turn around, and BANG, there is a yard with 3 old amazing barns! The lady was working in her yard and looked nice, so I worked up the courage to ask her if we could use her barns for pictures. She was so nice and said people do it all the time for weddings and everything and she didn't mind at all! SO nice hey!

Taren & Dave at the family pics
Kamry & Jason at the family pics.

There was 2 horses at the farm that were so friendly. I have learned Avery is a major animal lover, maybe its cause we have a dog. Well she just wanted to be the horses the whole time, and in this picture she actually grabbed the horses face and put her mouth on him! Yes, gross I pulled her away right away. But the horse was so gentle and she gets just sooo excited around animals!

Our little family

And my baby brother (and only brother) has his highschool graduation yesterday! He's such a handsome, funny, sweet guy! And hes older than his grade because of being a fall birthday (October) so he is getting everything together to put his mission papers in soon! I cannot believe Blake is graduating let alone going on a mission later this year!

Paige, Blake and I after the ceremony

My handsome brother - isn't he a stud?!

Me & Blake - I honestly didn't try and match, just a fluke

Blake & his adorable girlfriend Lindsay, isn't her dress beautiful! We all called them Barbie & Ken

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep it simple... this is often the best way :)

I just finished this page and wanted to post it before I hit the hay. I like that its clean, fresh and simple! Often I have a hard time creating pages like these (even though I like them) because I feel I need to embellish and make it all fancy. But sometimes that just ruins a page.

This page has no embellishments or accessories, even the flowers at the bottom are a font!

Keeping it simple has been on my mind lately. Reason being, I'm a huge fan of John & Kate. I have watched there show since the very beginning. Well as any of you know (even if you don't watch there show) there is trouble brewing in there marriage. I'm sure there are many reason, but here is my thoughts (I usually don't do this - write my thoughts on TV shows etc. and be all deep - but its really been on my mind!):

- My Nana gave me the best advice before Jordan and I got married "Your spouse if number 1 in life!" No one comes before your spouse, and if this had been happening with these 2, I don't believe there would be problems. Last night they kept talking about how they are in it for the kids - yes, very important. But how about being in it for each other and then taking care of the kids will fall into place.

- Men need an outlet or escape. This is my opinion, which is why they have work! Obviously they are still working hard there, but I just don't think they are made to be at home all day with crazy children. Obviously it works for some, I have a friend in my ward that works and her husband is at home. But I think the average man needs some time away in the day, and then hes refreshed and happy and excited to be home and see his wife and kids. Even if they don't need the money, John probably needs a little break in the day. Obviously women need this too, that's what girls night at the movies or things like that are for!

- There show has gotten so extravagant. Haven't you noticed the more current episodes they are always going to big exciting places. There show in the early seasons used to be a family of 8 living, doing the everyday things such as laundry, or groceries, or buying Christmas presents for each other etc. Obviously they have great sponsors and places inviting them to come enjoy there attractions, but I feel it has been so caught up in the big glamour of the world and taken away from the simplicity of family and home.

- KATE! Am I the only one who feels she has changed so much cause of the show! She kept saying last night how everything she does (the show, books, touring, speaking engagements) is 100% for the kids. So Kate... you are saying you don't enjoy the spotlight and getting your hair and make up done, and dressing nice (she wear heels to get there dogs from the farm for goodness sakes) and the glitz and glam?!?! I don't know if I believe that. Of course the show provides a very nice comfortable living for the family. Her attitude and everything seems to have really changed over the seasons, don't get me wrong, shes a great Mom, but I really feel shes gotten quite wrapped up in this all! (Do you notice how tanned she is?!?! She looks hot, but come on!)

- And most important, they never addressed that maybe... just maybe the show has done this too there marriage. I love there show and watching there family so much! BUT if my husband was not enjoying the spotlight and media I would sell my big fat house and get a nice modest house, and ditch the show. It sounds like John would enjoy getting back to work, and the kids will almost be in school all day, so go back to nursing during the day if need be. I really believe that would make things easier. Keep it simple!!! I did hear that they possible were already under contract for this season and couldn't back out, but even so I don't think Kate would have pulled out anyways.

ALRIGHT! I'm done, I usually don't discuss things other than my family, but its quite sad to see such a sweet family fallen apart cause of this world and publicity. And this is all my opinion, obviously! So don't hate me if I oppose your thoughts. Lets hope it all works out for them!

Overall it made me grateful for my simple, quite, non public life!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears... I wish :p

Well we did see tigers... but not bears or lions! haha. But it was still a wonderful long weekend.
We had such a nice May long weekend, I know this is a little late but we were busy doing so much as a family on the weekend and this week had been quite busy with some work projects and helping my mom with some things for the house and some church things that I haven't had much computer time!

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again! I LOVE this getting older thing with Avery. I just loving watching her experience things for the first time and watching her develop her fun personality. She is hilarious lately, quite a happy little girl... sometimes too happy. She does this funny joyful yell when shes really excited and its LOUD! For the most part its not a problem, except when your at church! I just had to laugh and take her out and give a "sorry" smile.
So back to my title, for the weekend even though it wasn't great weather we did lots of fun things!

On Saturday we took Avery to her first trip to the zoo! I haven't been to the zoo since probably elementary, and Jordan has never been. Of course this is no Calgary or San Diego zoo, but it was fun! I was surprised how much Avery noticed and was excited to see the animals. It was great! My mom came along which was fun (my Dad was in Red Deer for Paige bball tourny.) So it was great to have Nana come along. Funny story, my Mom ran into a friend from highschool who graduated with her, he was there with his 2 year old son and wife, while my mom was there with her 9 month old grand daughter! Funny!

I don't quite like the look this one is giving Avery...

I think this picture shows why everyone says Avery look like Jordan, identical eyes for sure!

Tired from seeing all the animals

And that evening it was pretty nice out so we had a little dinner picnic at the park by our house.

Monday we went and had a wonderfully fatty breakfast at Ricki's and then went swimming with my family that evening. So overall a lovely weekend!
I've started getting into work a little big more. Its nice cause my mom is so willing to watch Avery and its still very very small amounts. So if anyone in Edmonton knows anyone needing window coverings and decorating assistance, pass the word along! I carry Hunter Douglas and Vertican, so very competitive prices since I had no over head! Just a little plug :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family fun on Mother's Day

Avery and Auntie Paige

Well get ready for lots of pictures!
My first official Mothers Day was very nice. Jordan got me a lovely Spa package which I can't wait to use and get pampered. And then we had a nice evening at my parents. Since the weather was mostly nice we spent some time outside which Avery loved!
So I thought I'd post lots of pics, since I got too many cute shots of Avery with everyone I just had to post them all!

Before Church being sneaky while Mom makes the bed.
Avery in her new car seat, we finally got around to getting the bigger car seat! She was getting too big for the new born one, and getting sick of it too. She much prefers sitting up straighter.

See, she likes it!

Avery with Auntie Kamry

Avery & Nana, she was being a little stinker and sick of pictures.

Avery & Nana & Gramps. She loves doing kissy lips (smacking her lips together), which is what she is doing here.

Avery & Uncle Blake

Me & Avery, haha. I only posted this one because its the only picture of me on Mothers Day - go figure! I was doing most of picture taking.

Loving the out doors, she loved playing with grass.

My Dad took Avery on the tramp, at first she wasn't too sure. But then she really liked it! My Dad is just too cute with her!

Avery & Daddy - grumpy Avery :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bows, Bows & Flowers!

Well, one reason I love having a girl (there are so many) is all the fun hair accessories out there. I had a box I was keeping all of Avery's bows & flowers that I've collected, but I've never loved having then in a box. They sometimes get squished or I can't find the one I'm looking for.

So yesterday I had a free afternoon and decided to finally make a decent holder for all her bows and flowers. I had seen this idea on It looked pretty easy so I took out my glue gun and went to work. It was lots of fun! Especially cause I had everything for it and didn't have to buy anything.

I used and old frame I've kept that the glass had broken for and used the cardboard backing to attach some fabric too. I had the leftover fabric from a blanket I made for Avery. The ribbon I had leftover. To tell you the truth I don't love the ribbon with the fabric (I wish I had more plain ribbon to pull out one of the colors in the fabric) but again I didn't want to go out just to buy that. And once all the bows and flowers were on after, it really didn't matter because you don't see very much of the ribbon.

The outside ribbons have Velcro on them because most of Avery's bows and flowers attach to head bands with Velcro. And then the inside ribbon has nothing on it because that is where the bows and flowers with clips just clip on. I've started liking the clips more now because they stay on the head bands better and now that Avery has some hair I often will put a clip in her hair without a head band.

I really didn't notice how many bows and flowers I've bought or made! Most of the ribbon bows I've made with my trusty glue gun. And then the flowers and some small accessories I've picked up at random places (either ordered online or picked up at trade shows.)