Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with Paper

I've had some fun doing some "old school" scrapbooking lately. I joke, because obviously lots of people still do the traditional way. I do as well, but just for projects and cards.
Its really not as hard as it looks! She calls for the covers to be made of restaurant coaster... I did not have any of those and didn't feel like going out to get them, so I used old cereal and cracker boxes and just cut to the shape of coasters. Once you do a couple its a breeze and you know it by heart.
The reason for these brag books is for Mothers day for my mom and Jordan's mom. SO MOM AND KERRI - DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! PLEASE!!! Okay thanks, you can scroll past this post onto the next.
So I filled it with pictures of Avery over the last 8 months, its fun to see how much she has changed!
Its lots of fun to co-ordinate papers and embellishments and do a fun title. I worry my title is a little crazy and hard to read, but oh well!
Back of book, cute paper hey! Sorry I can't remember the maker, I've had it for a while.

opening the book...

little sneak preview of whats to come...

Avery everywhere!!!

This is the first (and practise) brag book I made. It turned out great so I'm going to give it to a girlfriend who just had a baby boy as part of her gift. I've since made a few more Mommy brag books for some friends who are pregnant and due this year (including my sister, so sorry to ruin part of your surprise for you Kamry & your babe, there will be other surprises and not just this, don't worry. And I know you... I'll fill yours with pictures for you ;) )

Back of book tied up
I just LOVE orange lately. I've really never been a orange fan, but lately I'm seeing clothes and scrapbook supplies with this nice orange color! Not like Halloween orange, but a more softer muted orange. I've made a few things lately with orange.
Brag book with no pictures, all ready for momma to fill

Baby shower card (boy)

Mother's Day card

Back to Normal - for NOW!

My visiting teachers came this week, and Cyndi said something that I loved! "Nothing is constant in this life except change." So true! haha. Especially when the little kidlits come along, things change so fast!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Avery has been going through this weird funky schedule change that wasn't too pleasant. I then realized she was getting her first tooth which could have been part of the reason. Well for now, her schedule is back to normal and more predictable. I haven't wanted to say anything about it for a bit in chance of jinxing it (lol, little superstitious) but its been 4 weeks now, so maybe I'm safe. Again, I think back to what Cyndi said though... you never know!

So its great knowing she takes a 9-11 nap in the morning and 2:30 - 4:15ish nap in the afternoon. I enjoy knowing because now I plan to do Eran's and things like that in that gap after lunch, and everyone is happier! And her nights are way better, goes from 7-7 and gets up once for about 10 minutes for a quick bottle and back down. PHEW! I remeber when she started this new schedule I didn't know what to do with myself with all this nap time!

And isn't it funny how when the naps are good, the nights are waaay better! So I've got myself a happy little Avery lately!

Here are some new pages. The last 3 are from Avery's album, and the top 2 from Easter. I downloaded some Elsie fonts from They are clearing out a bunch of there CK fonts and they are on sale until May. 5. Great prices and adorable fonts! So get them while there still there! My Easter pages in include some of the Elsie fonts.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We sure did, well aside from the fact that Jordan caught my cold / flu of death! So unfortunately he was under the weather, but he was still a trooper and we still managed to do some things as a family.

Friday we went swimming at the Sherwood Park pool (which I haven't been too forever) and it was lots of fun! Avery is a little fish, and gets so giddy in the water. Its so cute, and she loved having her daddy there. We go often during the week with some girlfriends in there kids, but Jordan's always at work. So it was fun to have him there.

And then Saturday we did some shopping and had lunch with my parents at Chili's.

And then Sunday we had a yummy Easter dinner at my parents house with some of our extended family. Lots of fun!

I went a little over board with posting pictures. Before we went to church Jordan took some pictures of Avery in her Easter outfit and me. There were just too many good ones to choose from! And there are so many of me and Avery because Jordan was still in sweats and grubby. So we had my mom take a picture of us as a family that night at her house after he has cleaned up a little, haha. Jordan was so sick he wasn't able to come to church with us, and Jordan never misses Church or work for being sick! Hopefully he feels better soon!

And Avery is just a riot lately! Its not like she was a grumpy baby before, but shes evolved into this happy baby lately! So easy to make laugh and smile, and army crawling around and baby talking up a storm! I really love this age!

Me & my girl!

Avery & Nana. Sorry this picture isn't great mom, she was just so squirmy here!

Avery & her great great Grandma Bernice!

Our fam!

My funny little cousin Kristen, she always has the best poses!

Happy Easter!

Well I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We sure did! Well unfortunately Jordan got my cold/flu of death... so he wasn't feeling so great! But he was still a trooper and we still managed to do some things as a family.

We went swimming at the Sherwood Park pool which I haven't been to forever! It was lots of fun, Avery is just a little fish and gets so giddy in the water! She really enjoyed having Jordan there, we go quite frequently with some of my girlfriends and there kids, but that is during the week while Jordan is at work.

We also did a bit of running around a shopping and went to lunch with my parents. And then Sunday, we had a really yummy Easter dinner at my parents house with some of our extended family.

So overall a nice weekend, I wish Jordan would have felt better. I can't wait for next Easter when Avery will be old enough to understand the Easter bunny and we can do an egg hunt and all that. My parents will be in there new house then, and its a perfect place for a egg hunt!

I went a little over board with posting pictures. But before church Jordan took some great pictures of Avery in her Easter outfit and me. Jordan was so sick he missed church (he never misses anything for being sick) so we got a picture at my moms house with him once he was out of his sweats. So that's why threes so many of me and Avery... Daddy was a little grubby then!

And Avery is so much fun lately, not that she was a grumpy girl before, but she has become such a happy little baby! Her naps and nights are getting much better and shes army crawling around and baby talking a storm! I really love this age!

Me & my girl :)

Avery with Nana, sorry its not the greatest pic mom, Avery was so squirmey here. She just wanted to play!

Avery & her Great great Grandma!

The fam!

My funny little cousin Kristen, she always has the best poses.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference, Colds & strange schedules!

I realized its been a couple weeks since I've posted anything. This will purely be a journaling post, I have a cute video of Avery to put up but of course I'm mental and don't know how to upload it on our desk top so I thought I'd just write some of my thoughts.

Well conference weekend has come and gone. I love conference, especially watching it at home! We always make a really yummy breakfast Sunday mornings and stay in our PJ's and watch conference. This was the first time that Avery was awake for it! Last conference she was only a couple months old so she was still in the sleeping lots stage. So yes... I didn't get as much as out of conference as I usually do, since our little monkey was up the whole time. But she was really good, Jordan kept her occupied lots and it still was relaxing. She would just play during the speakers, but right when the choir would start she would just stare at the TV. Jordan and I are both not very musical, but since Avery was born I've noticed she really takes an interest to music. Who knows?!

But of course 2 days before conference weekend I get the worst cold I've had in such a long time! I feel like such a baby, but it honestly was the worst! Coughing all the time, head pounding, nose either stuffed so I can't breath or constantly running! So that sort of fogged up the whole conference experience too! But that's okay, at least we were home and together!

I think I've only had one other cold while I've been a Mom, but it was mild. And it is harder to get better. When I was working I would just take a sick day and rest up, but its not like I can say "Okay Avery, I'm calling in sick today, so just take care of yourself while Mommy rests!" haha, as if! So today I'm finally feeling a little better! Thankfully Jordan was here to help this weekend and I was able to rest a bit.

And Avery has been having such major weird schedules lately. Basically her nights haven't been too bad, but during the day she takes these mini naps, 45 minutes max! Its very odd, its been happening about the last week and a half. And she would wake up grumpy and still tired but would not go back down! But I just stopped stressing and worrying about it and realized maybe shes one of those babies that doesn't nap lots... but if that were true she would wake up happy and not grumpy! But the last 3 days have been lots better, she hasn't been napping much longer, but walking up happy and ready to play again. Today she was up from the night at 8:30 (she went to bed later) and played happily all morning till after lunch and just went down at 1:30 here. So bizarre! But as long as she's happy I'm okay with it. Its the not napping and being grumpy that is hard.

So that's been our life. And spring has finally arrived in Edmonton! I shouldn't say that, I'll jinx it! My goal is to get out on a walk every day, Kona needs it and Avery and I need the fresh air and sun. So once Avery's up that's the plan!