Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday morning and Cousin's sleepover!

One thing about working part time is that I cherish my days off with Avery. I work usually every other Saturday, and there is something extra special when we get a Saturday together! Even though Jordan has school on Saturdays and Avery isn't in school so technically it is just another day, but there is something more carefree and easy going about Saturdays! So this past week had that easy going feel even more because of Conference, how wonderful is it to have Conference in your home hey!?!? So this is how our weekend was spent.
Watching Toy Story on the mini DVD player in Avery's fort / tent
Putting curlers in Avery's hair just... because! Admiring Avery's temporarily curler hair, she has very straight hair that does not stay curler for long!
Made cinnamon buns for Dad to celebrate being done his exam!
Oh and of course dancing, this is one of Avery's signature moves...
And then... Avery's first sleepover, and of course it should be with her cousin Talia! My sister Kamry just had her second baby who is by the way the cutest little boy to ever been born! Talia and Jace are quite close in age, and they are both great kids... but hello! That's busy with 2 under 18 months!

So after dinner at my parents Sunday Talia came for a sleepover! She did really good, I have loved watching over the last couple months as Avery and Talia play together. Avery is really good with Talia, she is a petite little girl! Shes very gentle and her and Talia get in these little laughing fits that are hilarious, and often over nothing! Talia has started saying Avery's name recently, and she will run after Avery saying her name, its so cute!

So this is the girls on the way home, they totally not on purpose have the same coat!

Just about going to bed in there jammies!
Walk after naps, both of them loved the puddles!

Cookie after our big walk, both had soaked pants so drying there little legs off. Talia choose to sit on the tile floor and eat her cookie. Seemed like a great place so Avery joined her.
Since Jordan and I are both the oldest there have not been any cousins for Avery yet, so it is fun to see our family growing and the cousins starting to play. I have so many fond memories of playing with my cousins growing up, it was a really fun day!