Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well among the millions of projects we have going on around our house, this is the newest. My wallpaper was WAS next, but our neighbor who hates these trees in our front yard even more than we do changed those plans!
So we've had these 2 HUGE spruce trees that are dangerously close to our house in our front yard. They are also so dirty and take over our whole front yard! So, our neighbor arranged (payed for) a bin to be delivered, and he helped Jordan take these trees down! Jordan has lots of expirence with falling trees because when he worked as a forest fire fighter for a few summers in BC, he was the chain saw guy who fell trees.

So they came down sucessfully! Jordan stressed so much about it, he got like 3 hours of sleep the night before! It was very close to our house, so I don't blame him. But I knew he would do a great job!

So they are down! Now our front yard is pretty bare and ugly... haha, but I'd rather have that than those trees. Just another thing to add to the list, the front landscaping. But that is okay, now we can move on to other things... like my wallpaper wall!

Cole helping out

HUGE hey! So glad those are done. Its all cleaned up now, landscaping in the front yard may have to wait until next year though, lots more to do!


Steve and Alli said...

Haha I love that your neighbours paid for the bin, etc... Steve hates spruce trees with a passion- I think because he's done a lot of landscaping. Everytime we go to a new development and he sees one in the front yard of a house he makes a comment like, "Why the heck would you want one of those right in front of your house?" Maybe someday this millenium builders will figure out what an eyesore they become- and how bad they can be when placed right in front of a house! Glad it fell the right way, good job Jordan!

The Hatch Family said...

Nice to have such a handy man around the house! Amazing how huge those tress were. Can't wait to see some landscape pics over the next year.