Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My little potty girl

Hi ya'll! I couldn't let a whole month slide by without posting something!

I have some big things to post soon, but time is not right yet... leaving you in suspense! Well don't think too deep, Jordan has just pulled out his handy man skills yet again and made over our front hall closet!!! He always blows my expectations out of the water all the time. I had some requests for our front hall, and then... BAM! He pulls out a custom craftsmanship closet with cubbies and shoes racks and hooks for our jackets, amazed! The doors just went up, we just received the handles in the mail (they were hard to find, but Jordan found some online that are perfect!) So once those go on, pictures to come. And then finally a full out before and afters of the house!

We may get to new doors this year, but definitely most of the big projects are done. Our ugly bathroom will remain... our ugly bathroom! I may give it a little thrifty makeover (new accessories etc.) But that’s it! So may as well post the before and afters!

But I have a little bragging to do about another important person in my life... my little Avery! So I think he has been ready to potty train for a couple months now. She sees her little buddy Zach go to the bathroom lots, so I think that as helped. But I have not been ready! haha, does that make sense? We had Christmas right around the corner and I did not want a newly potty trained kid in the car for a 9 hour drive! Definitely diapers are better for that!

But one of my news resolutions was to dive into potty training! I was all geared up for accidents and a big project... but it wasn't! Avery has been such a star! Of course treats of been a motivator, but there are no more treats and she’s still a champ! She’s so cute to see how proud she is of herself and how happy she gets when I get excited!

#2 has been a bit of a different story, not with having accidents; she only wants to go in the potty. But with being stubborn and holding it! But I think she’s coming around and seeing that its not such a bad thing get it out and "push" a little! haha, the first time she went #2 I felt like a birthing coach encouraging her to push!

She now only wears pull ups for night time, and she is starting to wake up in the morning with them mostly dry! Nap times she even wears panties! And Mom’s out there, how cute are the little panties out there!

Things are good, busy but good. I may get a little spontaneous vacation right away. A deal I could not pass up, details and pictures to follow :)

So funny, sometimes she asks for books when shes on the potty! This kid cracks me up!


The Hatch Family said...

Way to go Avery!!! That is such a huge accomplishment. Can't wait to see the closet renos. I sure loved seeing your house at Christmas time......amazing.

Julie said...

haha cute! good for her. and you!
i love seeeing your renovations and cute ideas, and i heard about the trip! sounds like a blast! have fun!

Scott and Tara said...

Good little potty girl!

Anonymous said...

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