Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some new things

Sure... I'd love a new living room set! BUT, its not in the budget right now! Plus, we would like to use this in the future family room once we have the basement (and are not renting it anymore) so where would we put this furniture when we have a new set??? The couch we got when we got married, so almost 7 years strong! Green is still my favourite color... but this couch has its fair share of stains; despite multiple washings.

Jordan has a great idea... new slip covers from IKEA! And perfect timing, they just came out with a few new colors and fabrics for this couch!

So new brown slip cover... throw in a few toss cushions o the mix... ta da!!! Living room make over!

This was a fun little project! Before I left work on mat leave we were cleaning out the back room. This fun little gem was about to be tossed. It used to hold a perfume line we carried, it had a different back and a couple shelves to hold the perfume testers. DUH... didn't take a before, sorry! You think I would have learned back now!

Well I took the shelves out, wallpapered the back to match our wallpaper wall. We found this antique egg beater at a garage sale in our area. Jordan mounted it for me, and there ya go! Some art for the kitchen! haha. I just love it, simple too!

And this tea pot, 50% off at Tin Box (one of my favourite accessories stores.) Since I have dark on most of my walls, I love accessorizing in white. And how cute is a tea pot that is an elephant! So yes... for all the tea I drink... hehe!

Oh and one more little change, our Marli girl! Smiles and cooing and ooing, and just melting my heart everyday! Avery loves that shes interacting now, today while Marli was in her swing and Avery was swinging her, Avery would just die in giggles when Marli would smile or make funny faces!

We've learned Marli has some reflux issues, as well as some eczema that flares up. We have her on some reflux medicine from my doctor and I cut out diary (not the easiest thing I've learned) and got this great cream recommended by a friend who's daughter has bad eczema. Wow! She is like a different baby this week, her eczema cleared up a ton! She is so much happier, feeding good again, and just adorable!


Sheri said...

I LOVE this post. Every thing looks so good. I have had my great Grandma's egg beaters for a few years and can never figure out how to display them............I am for sure going to steal your idea!!
So glad that Marli is so much happier!

Kamry Low said...

my goodness marli has grown up so much and she's smiling! sooo cute! miss her! maybe we'll have to come see her later this week if you'r enot busy. love the slip cover!

Kim said...

Marli is adorable!! And love the 'art' in the kitchen. so cute!