Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery girl!

I cannot believe how late this post is! The problem was all the pictures were on my parents camera, so believe it or not I just got them!

So this was Avery's 3rd birthday party... Dore theme as requested! I hate to admit this, but it was very thrown together... and my 39 week pregnant body was quite exhausted so not as elaborate as I would like! But my sweet little 3 year old did not seem to notice or care! We had a lot of fun.

I was trying to cram this party in before Marli arrived! And man... I did it just in time. Unfortunately the weekend that we were able to do it was the Friday of August long weekend so a lot of our party guests were out of town. But we had a nice time, and as you know Marli came a week early (2.5 days after this birthday party) so I really did sneak this in party in just in time!

Here are some pics from the happy party!

Enjoying the swing, I just love my parents house! Its like a one stop Birthday place, an extreme activity center!

Avery and her cousin Casey, she just adores her!

Avery loves Dora... and loves Rapunzel from Tangled almost just as much! So this present from her cousins Kristen and Casey was just about the most wonderful thing! She just loved her Rapunzel dress!

I think this was our last picture as a family of three, with our sweet little three year old!

Me and Rachel literally ready to pop! The next day Rachel went into labor and had her son about 36 hours after this photo, and I went into labor just over 48 hours after this photo and have Marli 2.5 days after this photo!


Kamry Low said...

love the photos! so glad we didn't lose them and they turned out. i love the photos of you and rachel i remember saying you guys are ready to pop and you basically did!

Sheri said...

Great pics! It looks like the perfect party. I love the belly shot of you and Rachel.....adorable.