Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recent Improvments to the duration of Marli's Spica Cast Journey

We are 7 weeks into our Spica Cast journey, and what a journey its been! The first few weeks, I'd say the first 4 things were relatively the same in regards to sleep. Obviously nursing was tricky but we figured it out, and going out was difficult since fitting in strollers was almost impossible... but then we figured out the Baby Bjorn worked pretty good and I was able to get groceries with both of them again!

Then she started showing signs for being ready for solids. I jimmy rigged a umbrella stroller with pillows and it worked okay... but was not great. Then with more searching on the Internet Jordan found another website with a parent who has had children with DDH and Spica casts and he recommended this booster seat made by "First Years" and its great! No alterations have been needed, and its so fun to see her sit at the table and sit properly to eat! She thinks its pretty neat too!
 Then handy man Jordan made this chair! He found this on another website about Spica Casts. A Mom that had a child go through this and came up with the design. He was able to figure out her design and make it! Woo hoo, now Marli can sit up and play with toys and not be on her back. Its important to not have her on her back all the time since she sleeps on her back and spends most time there, its good to rotate her around and give her tummy time and upright time. This has been awesome for that!
 There is basically a lid on to that we take off and the bench / seat is cut so that her cast can sit properly on it. Jordan is going to put some padding on the bench to make it a little more cushion against the cast. We were just waiting to see how the new cast looked in case anything needed to be changed.
 The inside
 And of course I had to make it pretty!
 Our sweet girl. So since starting solids she has grown so much! She literally the last 5 days was bursting out of her cast! She is such a good natured happy baby naturally, but the last 5 days was so uncomfortable and not happy! I kid you not, during the night she would wake up every 1/2 to 45 mins! To say the least, I'm exhausted! She just could not be comfortable enough to sleep well. Poor girl! Her feet were starting to swell, and where we stuff the diaper up was so tight Jordan couldn't even get his hands up there!
 Well the day finally came today. Just over half way, she got it changed this morning. Once again, she was such a trouper! We didn't have to stay over night today, her surgery was at 7:30, and we were home by 11am! Pretty good, it helps that she was such a good little girl after the initial sadness of waking up so hungry and tired! While the nurse and I were putting the water proof tape around her diaper hole she just laid there on her back then her stomach just baby talking away. Both experiences in the hospital the nurses are always shocked at our patient and happy and clam she is!
The cast sure caught me off guard. Its HUGE!!! I think they left room for her to grow since she was so big in her last one. We went for pink this time instead of purple. Its quite bright, but very girly! But already I can tell she is more comfortable and feels better. The swelling in her feat is gone, and shes wiggling much better, she does this funny wiggle with her upper body that makes her giggle. Its like her only form of movement, quite funny!

The good thing about getting the cast changed at 7 weeks instead of 6 weeks is that we only have 5 weeks left!!! I just can't believe we are on the downhill, amazing! Its funny, it feels like its gone by fast, but also feels like its definitely been at least 7 weeks! We scheduled the cast removal today and its on... my bday! haha, best birthday present EVER! She will be in a form of brace after this, but that will be nothing compared to the cast!

Things I cant wait for:
- To give her a proper bath again! For her and Avery to have a bath together, they both just adore each other
- To take her swimming for the first time!
- To fit in a normal baby car seat again
- So see her firsts; sitting up, rolling, crawling!!!
- To snuggle her body and not 90% hard cast
- To work on getting her to sleep through the night, she was getting close before the cast...
- To go out more easily for groceries and errands, play dates

And so much more! And mostly for her hip to get all better and not have any issues in the future!


Sheri said...

I was thinking about you lots today and hoping all was going well. So glad to hear all is well. Marli is such a little trooper! Hang in there for the last 5 weeks.

Jenny Fitzner said...

I'll be so happy for you when this is all over. You're such great parents, and it sounds like Marli's a pretty great trooper as well. Loved reading about your adventures and I love that seat you guys made for her! amazing.

Scott and Tara said...

Glad you updated! You guys are amazing! I cant wait for her to get the cast off too. She is very cute and one very happy baby!

The Wolff Den said...

Aww, so many little things that I've taken for granted that you're still waiting to celebrate, all the firsts. I can't wait for you to snuggle her without her cast!!

Amelia said...

Aw! 5 more weeks!! Yay! I hope it flies by! I am so impressed with that bench you guys made for her! So great and so cute. And you are right, that IS the best birthday present ever!!! :)