Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 09 update

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying 2009. I'm quite enjoying it, and already cannot believe that half the month has gone by. And once again... cannot believe my baby is 5 months! Wow times flys when you are watching your baby grow!

I now have a full time working man! Jordan finished his degree this past December and got a job with Meyers Norris Penny (the accounting firm) down town in Edmonton here. He will be working as a Business valuations analyst. He will be doing correspondence starting in May to earn his CBV (Chartered Business Valuator.) It is exactly what he wanted to do and really enjoying his first 2 weeks. We feel very blessed that he was able to get this job, especially with the way the economy is these days. MNP is a great company to work for also. And since we live so close to downtown Jordan is able to take the bus and it takes no time. He starts work at 8:00am and doesn't have to leave the house until 7:35am and gets there early! So its nice because I'm able to have the car during the day.

This is very important I've realized this past couple weeks in order to keep my sanity! haha, I've sort of been used to have Jordan around during the day for at least parts of the day because of his school schedule (since I've been a stay at home mom and not working.) So I realized at Jordan's first week at work that I need to get out once and while because I was getting a little cabin feverish and probably talking Jordan's ear off when he got home from work! haha, I do talk to Avery and Kona during the day... but a dog and a 5 month old don't give you much in return!
So this week as been nice, I've gotten out a few times and done some errans with Avery (shes a great shopping companion) and went swimming one day with my friend Rachel Wolff and her 9.5 months old son Zach.

I've also been helping my mom pick out the interiors for there house they are building. That has been lots of fun, and exciting because its all coming together quite nicely.

And Avery is just getting bigger and cuter by the day! I love watching her learn and grow. Her co-ordination is really coming along and she makes so many fun facial expressions. She is quite a happy girl these days. Definitely at 6:30 rolls around and it time for bath she gets a little fussy, but right when she hit the water she knows bed time is coming and shes happy and relaxed.
So here are some recent pictures... mostly of Avery. As I mentioned I took her swimming this week for the first time this week, she was a little nervous at first. But we took a stroll around and checked everything out and then she got quite a bit better. I think it helped watching Zach with Rachel too. Well that's all for now!

Avery watching cartoons with Dad Saturday morning

Avery really enjoys her saucer latley

This is Avery's new thing latley, sticking her tongue out just a little bit, I also love this picture cause it shows off her sweet long eye lashes.

1st time swimming

Rachel & Zach

Avery in her bathing suite my mom got her, so cute hey!

Avery is getting much better on her belly, hopefully it helps progress the crawling (she hasn't been too fond on her belly so far.)

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Scott and Tara said...

I am glad Jordan likes his job!! And that is a really cute bathing suit; i love poke-a-dots on kids!