Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Things about me...

Hello Friends. I just wanted to do a quick post, its Sunday night and I'm pooped and feel like un-winding with a little blogging. Sundays are long exhausting days lately. We now have church from 11-2 which before Jordan and I were just... Jordan and I that was a great time for church! But now with a baby... it sucks! She usually takes her good nap then, and I know lots of moms can relate. So we rock her to sleep at church and she usually gets a little 1/2 hour nap in, but that just doesn't compare to a good 2 hour nap in her crib! So it can be a bit of a cranky day, and then we got to my parents for dinner every Sunday... which normally is a highlight of my week. But Avery can sometimes be at her limit, so until shes a bit older that too has not been a very enjoyable time, which is sad because as I said I usually really look forward to that.
So once we finally get home on Sunday and get Avery to bed, I enjoy cracking a diet pepsi (my form of beer... I know I'm bad) and relaxing! haha!

So another thing I've wanted to do is post my 25 facts. I'm sure lots of you have seen this going around on facebook, and I've really enjoyed reading lots of my friends 25 facts and getting to know more about them. For some reason I just felt like doing this on my blog instead of on facebook. So for your reading pleasure here are my 25 facts!

1. I'm a crazy neat / clean freak. Basically my day can continue once my kitchen is tidy and my room is made up, etc. And its a little excessive sometimes, like I basically know the exact angle and position of every frame, vase, lamp, candle, toss cushion etc. in my house. It drives Jordan crazy! I'm sure as more kids come this may diminish (I sort of hope it doesn't though!)

2. My whole married life I have never lived upbove ground, we have always live in a basement. Or first apartment was in the basement level in a apartment building by southgate, and then we bought our first house and lived in the basement and rented the upstairs out (more $ that way) and then we bought our next house which was bigger and nicer but still live in the basement and rent the upstairs out.

3. I have a total sweet tooth, I even like gross candy that most don't like those little "peeps" that are basically little yellow marshmallow birds with sugar over them that come out around Easter.

4. The whole time I was pregnant with Avery I was so sure she was a boy, and I was about the only one who did... so much for mother intuition.

5. My favourite color changes every year usually, right now its green - all shades of green, I guess that comes with being a decorator.

6. I'm a certified Interior Decorator and worked in the industry for 2.5 years before going on mat leave. I don't wish to go back full time, but will continue doing side small jobs which I have continued doing while at home with Avery. I love it, its my passion.

7. My favourite hobby is scrapbooking and I've been scrapbooking since grade 8. I worked part time at a scrapbook store through highschool and this is where I got lots of expirence (haha, one of my best friends tara would come scrapbook with me while I worked - best job ever) and I've just recently switched to digital scrapbooking for money and time purposes and absolutley love it!

8. I got glasses in grade 2 and contacts in grade 5. I got contacts so young because I was a competative dancer and for competitions we could not wear glasses and my eyes were so bad that I tripped over my friends foot and almost feel off the stage... so it was time for contacts.

9. I'm a natural red head, I have mostly died my hair blonde or at least blonde highlights since grade 8 on through - but I do enjoy my red hair.

10. My left front tooth is fake. In grade 5 I bit on a rope tide to a beam in our basement (don't ask why) and my sister Taren ran by and pulled the rope. Long story short my front tooth root and all popped out and after about 5 oral surgery's I now have a permanant fake tooth.

11. Through out elementary school, my school competed in county speach competitions. I was actually a big deal, and the top 3 from each grade competed against the other schools in our district. I came in 2nd in grade 4, 3rd in grade 5 and 1st in grade 6 (we had to write and present the speaches, my grade 6 speach was about losing my permanant tooth.)

12. Through out my life I have always been in best friendships in groups of three. For example my ward and school best friends were Brittany Oviatt and Chantal Simpson. My best friends from the Church that I met through dances were Stefanie Bissett and Sherry Pomerleau. And my best friends in YSA were Tara Woolley and Shelby Fairfield, they are all dear friends to this day.

13. I really enjoy cooking and baking. I love watching Rachel Ray and love imagining I'm as cute as her and have a cooking show. It gives me great delight to make a tasty meal.

14. I like all forms of music except heavy metal rock and hard core rap. I'm pretty open, right now I'm really into Duffy and Leona Lewis.

15. I always had eyes (I know thats corny) for my husband, but there were other girls I hung out with that did too. So we hung around in the same crowd for about 5 months before we even talked (we both have similar courting style, if you like someone - ignore them, stupid I know.) It took a friend (Sherry) going on a date with Jordan and knowing he wasn't for her but she knew Jordan and I were for eachother :)

16. As you can tell I have a hard time being breif, I always have to eleborate... see!

17. I really love movies and all star culture... totally lame I know. Now that I'm a momma I don't get out to movies as much as I like, so we often wait till they come to video. If my memory was as good for remebering star culture facts as it were for school, I'd be a genuis!

18. I have to brush my teeth before going to bed, even if I fall asleep watching a movie and wake up at 3am, I have to get up and go brush my teeth half asleep, I can't sleep a full night without doing that.

19. I HATE blood and gore and basically anythng to do with the body! I get very quizey and when I was younger I came up with a way to describe what I feel, and I call it "weak wrists." I basically just feel weak and have to roll my wrists to feel better... I know I'm so weird. My dad is like me and now also descibes when hes squimish as "weak wrists."

20. When I was little I was always a eary riser, and even on Saturday morning when I didn't have to get up early, I would get up by 6am before anyone else got up and get a bowl of cerale and go watch cartoons. I guess this was my alone time when I was younger. As a teen ager that faded, and now I'm a early riser... but not my choice!

21. Me and my mom budded heads lots growing up, but now she is probably my best friend and we talk pretty much every day (even though she only lives 15 mins away.)

22. I love having a daughter and being a mommy, and especially having a girl. I get more excited to dress Avery everyday than I do for myself.

23. I love McDonalds, totally another guilty pleasure... there I've admitted it! Of course right now as I'm trying to get back to post prego weight I'm avoiding it like the plague.

24. I love doing my hair & make up, always have! I'm not saying I'm amazing at it, its just fun to do. And I can't wait till Avery's hair grows and I can do cute little things to it!

25. I have kept a journal pretty consistantley since I was 7! Its fun to look back and read the things I've written over the years.

Sorry I don't know how to be more breif! Thats all for now, I'm going to try and get some of my digital scrapbook pages up here that I've done recentley next week some time. TTFN!

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