Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up with Good Friends

Chantal Chiu (Simpson), Brittany Winn (Oviatt) and I were best friends growing up, especially through high school. Me and Brittany have been friends since we were 6, and then Chantal joined our Church in Grade 6 (I'm pretty sure, somewhere around there) and she came into our life and the three of us did lots together!
Anyways, now we are all married and off in our own lives but when we get back together its just like old times! Chantal got married a few months after Jordan I did so about 4.5 years ago. Chantal and Jeremy have a adorable 3 years old son Jonah and live in Sherwood Park so we seem them once and a while. And Brittany was married just about a year ago and living in Nelson BC with her husband TJ and they love it there! So Brittany was visiting family and in town and arranged for us to have lunch together. It was a great time, and Brittany hadn't seen Avery since she was just brand new! So it was great to catch up and laugh like old times! I love these 2!
Below is a picture of us at highschool grad, I was looking for an older picture of just the three of us, but couldn't find one. But we still have changed quite a bit over 6 years!


Scott and Tara said...

Cute hair Breanne! Did you get it cut again, because it seems shorter. I also love your profile picture with the curls! Your so cute!
And you can tell Brittany lives in BC, she is soooo tanned!

Breanne Heavenor said...

haha, I know Britt looked great! So skinny and tanned and cute style! and yes, I did get my hair cut! Thank you for noticing, its the shortest I've gone possibly ever, and I love it! And different coloring that usual.

Kim said...

Cute hair Breanne!! It's so nice having good friends...even if you don't get to see each other very often. :)