Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snip Snip!

Well Avery was born with tons of dark hair, which surprised me! I guess Jordan was born with hair, but I was a baldy! I was reading a journal my Mom kept when I was little and she said my dad would call me baldy, and I bet I didn't get a hair cut until I was at least 2!

Well Avery lost most of her hair from when she was born, so I thought she was going to be like me. But then it all grew back. I didn't think she would need a hair cut before she was one, and she probably didn't really NEED it! But I was at the hair dressers on Saturday and asked Lucia (my long wonderful trusty hairdresser) if I should bring her in. And she said its good to get that first trim and get it all evened out and then it grows in better! So we had Avery's first hair cut yesterday!

Her hair is so funny, its very thick on top and almost in her eyes now and tons at the back too, so it was nice to have it evened out and now its out of her eyes. Also annoying cause she pulls all the clips out or headbands I put in her hair now! So that made me want to take her to Lucia even more.

My shaggy girl before haircut.

Of course we go on a day where shes a grump already, but she was quite the drama queen! She would not let me take her soother out for a picture! I don't think she liked that she was held by Jordan, that probably bothered her most! haha. We all just laughed at her unnecessary fussing!

Drama Queen!!!

She will grow to love Lucia, because she will make her more beautiful than she already is!

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julied said...

aw! that is so adorable! haha i love her grumpy face. she already has that down pat and she's not even out...jks