Monday, April 19, 2010

Night out with my Sistas!!!

I just love my sisters, and its nice when you get older and you become more like friends than... sisters. Well we've been meaning to have a night out, just us girls and we finally did. And we've got to do it more often!

We went to this awesome new place in Edmonton that Taren suggested called "The Melting Pot." Oh my goodness, DELICIOUS!!! As you can tell by the title its a fondue place, we got a cheese fondue to split and chocolate. It was great! And we had tons of great laughs!

Oh and yes, there are only 4 of us Pizzey girls. The 5th chica is Lindsay (Blake's - my brothers gf) and we were so happy to invite her along cause she is such a sweet heart and absolute delight and she tolerates how crazy we are!

All of us (left to right) Kamry, me, Paige, Lindsay and Taren.

Paige, Lindsay and Taren enjoying the amazing chocolate fondue! The give you fruit, cheesecake, cake, and powdered marshmallows to dip, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Me and Kams :)


Carrie said...

YUM!!! I've totally been wanting to go there - I love fondue! What are the prices like?

Robyn said...

Where is this place at? How are the prices there?

Jenny Fitzner said...

I love going out with my sisters! I know what you mean about growing up, and becoming more like friends instead of yelling at each other, or stealing each other's clothes.

Fun Times!

The Heavenor's said...

haha, for sure. Its off Calgary Trail close before the 23rd Ave over pass by Outback Steak house. Its not the cheapest place, but if you share not too bad. We shared 3 cheese and 2 chocolate and it was $20 each, so its definetly a place to go when you treat yourself!

Kristy said...

i am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! i LOVE the melting pot, went when we were in Michigan for the summer.

it's great having sisters, my sister is by far my best friend.

if you do make a trip up here we'll definetely have to get together.

Kim said...

I've heard it's yummy!! I need to go sometime :)