Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy I'm a big girl now!

That is a song title from Hairspray - and lately I feel like that is what Avery is telling me! haha, I still call her my baby and sometimes treat her that way, but she definitely is no longer a baby!

Avery turned 2 on the weekends, I can barley believe it!

She is growing and learning so fast! She has become quite the good talker, basically says everything and pronounces it words quite well! She also knows almost 1-10, a few of the Alphabet, and all her colors! She loves to draw, play pretend, be outside, play in the water, pretending to sing, dance, parks, books, climbing, play "night night", fruit, french fries, milk, nursery and her buddies there, animals and making there sounds, helping dad with reno projects and yard work, helping mom clean and she has quite the sense of humor.

She does not like posing for pictures, being made to do anything until she chooses to do that thing (she is very stubborn and independent), still not a big cuddlier (but has realized hugs and kisses aren't so bad, and being woken up from a good nap (sometimes 1:00 church forces us to do that.)

Her favourite TV characters / shows are Dora and Curious George. I could go on and on about this girl! I just love the little person she is becoming!

I've been looking at lots of pictures of her over the past 2 years and missing those ages, but still loving the ones shes in. Here are some pictures of her over the past 2 years!

Newborn - cannot believe she was once this little!

6 months! She chunked out real good!
18 months, Avery is a bit of a Tom Girl - basically a girl version of Jordan!

2 years old! Like I said before, she is the hardest kid to get a good picture of! Right when the camera comes out, she basically runs or turns away! So this was a couple weeks ago at the zoo - best one I could find recently!

I love her and feel so blessed to be here Mommy! Happy B-day Avery!


Scott and Tara said...

Happy Birthday!!! She is adorable!

The Hatch Family said...

Happy Birthday Avery! Where does the time go?!? She looks like such a little lady in that picture on the train.

Jason, Kamry and Talia Low said...

I just love those photos. it's fun to look back and see how much they changed but also to see how they look like themselves as a baby (if that makes sense) Like averys baby photo I can tell that's avery! so cute! you two have maded a cute girl! can't believe she's two! she'll be 3.5 when blake gets home crazy!

Kay said...

oh she is just so cute...Love the picture of her at the zoo! Happy Birthday Avery!