Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wallpaper wall... COMPLETE!

Quick Before - note right wall, this lovely wallpaper went through the living room and dining room.

Thanks to my hard working / handy husband out wall is done!!! Our house is starting to feel like ours! We still have baseboards and a closet door at the front entrance to do THIS YEAR... and then a break for the rest of the year! Still plenty more to do over the years!

Anyways, I was so impressed with Jordan's handy work. I finally found the wallpaper I wanted and got a deal from our supplier. And Jordan found these real 8" wide pine boards off kijiji. This girl was renovating her house and ripping them off her wall, obviously didn't know what they were worth. So we got all the pine boards for $60 ALL TOGETHER!

It was a lot of work for Jordan to get them on the wall. Wall needed to be prepped, boards were cut, boards were nailed on wall, the sanded to cover up big knots and nail holes, and then Jordan routered all the finishing peices from scratch from those pines boards! I was so impressed, he bought a couple peices for the front entrance.

Then was the painting, more wood filling and sanding and more painting. Oh yes, wallpaper was done before all this. Phew!!! I was just support staff...and this project was exhausting. But we both are so happy its done and could just stare at the walls all day long! Anyways, IT'S DONE!!! Enjoy the pics!

Front Entrance
Front Entrance - without light on (new light too!)

Big wall between living room and dining room!

Beloved plate wall - I've been collecting these plates from everywhere over the last few months. The smaller green one, my wonderful friend Tara knew I was working on this project and saw it at Crate and Barrel in Calgary and brought it home to me :) Thanks Tar!

I will put up a bunch of Before and Afters once baseboards and closet door are done!


Julie said...

Breanne, it looks great!! now I know you are an interior decorator but it look so cute. and wow, i love the plates !!!!

Stefanie said...

I love it breanne!! I can't wait to see it tomorrow! the plates are awesome!

Steve and Alli said...

It looks SO good Bre! Love it. Anytime you want to come to Calgary and do my place feel free!

Carrie said...

It looks great, Breanne! I love home reno pics because I LOVE decorating. Your front entry is just gorgeous, and I love your plates! Such a cute idea.

Leah said...

Breanne I love it!!! I was contemplating doing the 6ft wainscotting....or board and batton...but everyone takled me out of it! Your bravery has inspired me!! Looks great! And I bet it feels even better!

Jason, Kamry and Talia Low said...

Looks so good breanne! i love how you go and do what you want and you don't care if people question. It always turns out sooo great! Maybe you and Jordan should do a home decorating/ renovating business!!!

The Hatch Family said...

Gorgeous! I love the front entry and the color of the plates all combined together, it is just beautiful. AND I am soooo impressed that you got your pine boards for such a fantastic price......yeah for Kijiji and a handy husband :)

Kim said...

Looks soooo good!! We did something like that in the upstairs bathroom and I love how it turned out. So fun making changes like that. And what a great price!! Your hubby did a great job :)

JAZKK Low said...

So cute Breanne! You are amazing!