Sunday, February 20, 2011

My fuzzy wuzzy Valentines :)

Valentines Day can be so much fun, since v-day was on a Monday this year we spent the day as a family (which is the way it should be hey?!)

Me and Avery had some fun during the day drawing on some hearts and decorating the house, and having a Valentines themed lunch.
The hearts that we made, very extravagant... I know!

Avery thought the whole thing was just so much fun! She loved sprinkling the hearts on the table that we punched out and helping me set the table. We are all big fans of the meal breakfast... so that was our Valentines dinner!
I'm reading this book right now, its a very very light non-serous book called "Cherry cheesecake murder." It is about a girl in a small town that owns a cookies shop and there is a movie crew that invaded this town to shoot a movie. She cooks them food, and its really just a simple fun read! Anyways, she gives recipes throughout the book! She had this recipe for "Fruit Pocket French Toast" that made my mouth water just reading!
So that is what I made, delicious! So fatty, and they take a little bit of time.... but so good, and filling!
Avery opening up some little Valentines goodies :) Jordan and I were sitting there too, but of course I forgot to take pictures of my actual Valentine... love you hunny!
And this weekend Jordan and I were able to go out to dinner and a movie and celebrate together :)
Happy Valentines Day!


Scott and Tara said...

FUN! Love Avery's shirt! Were you dressed in a heart shirt too??!!

The Hatch Family said...

Love it! How fun to spend the day together. Isn't amazing how doing something so simple like heart sandwiches and hanging paper hearts makes an ordinary day so special for a child.
That french toast looks delicious, you might have to post a recipe!

Jason, Kamry and Talia Low said...

man yuo're such a good mom. Next year I'll have to do something cute! Avery's lunch looks delicous!