Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parenting rant... forgive judgemental Breanne please :)

So I'm at the park tonight with Avery and there are 2 other Mom's there with there kids... talking on their cell phones the whole time?!!? And it wasn't like a quick phone call, they were both on their phones when I got there, and until they left, which was about 20 mins after we arrived!

It almost seemed like they go take there kids to the park... to talk on their phones! Wanna know there really strange part, they were together... like a play date??? Really strange...

The one mother's daughter actually got hurt, and the mom was soothing enough to go over and give her daughter a hug... but end her phone conversation... no!

Now here is the funny part (or maybe sad is a better word.) Since I was playing with my daughter and having fun, the little daughter from the one mother (she was probably just a little older than Avery) started to ask me to go ride the slide with her or push her on the swing or just... play with her! Did the mother clue into this... no! I kept telling her politely that she should ask her Mommy! haha, I don't know if that's rude... but its not my kid! And I DO come to the park to play with my child... isn't that idea???

I should say one day I ran into a friend of mine at the park with her kids, and she was talking to her brother on the phone. But he was way across the world and they had been trying to touch base for a while and that was the time he got a hold of her. So maybe I'm judging these mothers and there is a good reason they were on the phone... but you can kind of sense that hey? And it did just seem like chit chat.

Is this what our world is coming too?? Sad. Alright enough of my rant, here is the reason I go to the park :)


Jenny Fitzner said...

I agree completely with what you said. it's too bad that people don't realize how much of a difference it makes to your kids when you actually play with them. I understand people need breaks from them, we don't have the same amount of energy, but we gotta try, right?

but that's weird that they came together as a play date, but they were both on the phone! haha.

Sheri said...

I couldn't agree more! Thomas and I always notice when we go out for dinner that the majority of the families that are out to eat all have a different electronic gadget in hand and they don't even interact with each other. So sad.
I may be behind the times with my "pay as you go/ only for emergencies" cell phone but I want to be sure I don't put my attention on the wrong things when I am out.
Good for you for noticing what is really important!

Steve and Alli said...

I notice the same thing all the time. Even when we're out on walks, there are people walking their dogs and kids and talking on their cellphones. I think it's weird because I can hardly talk on the phone when we're at home unless it's nap time, let alone when I'm out trying to make sure the kids stay in the park or don't get run over or run into the lake, things like that. I guess some people have warped senses of the parenting role and what that entails.

Momma B said...

Funny, I leave the house with my kids in tow to escape the telephone! People really do have their priorities mixed up these days. Good for you for noting how mixed up that really is. Poor little kids.

Jason and Kamry Low said...

I completely disagree... KIDDING! maybe they have a child like talia and they're promoting independence? Probably not. I would still play with Talia. This post has made me want to take talia to the park!
So sad the girl came to ask you to play with her! :(