Friday, June 3, 2011

Color overload: Avery's Big girl room!

WARNING: Sensory / girly overload!!!

Here it is, I hope the build up doesn't disappoint. haha! I did not mean to build this room up, but it has been a rather stretched our project for Jordan and I. We painted the walls Easter weekend, so that gives you a little idea! We always like to finish a project to the very last detail and not leave things half done (one of our pet peeves for renovations... jobs half done) so this room is officially complete! I put the frames on the walls tonight, and the sheers went up last night! As many of you know with my decorating style I LOVE color! I don't think I could ever decorate my own house without color on my walls. Yes, maybe for clients I have done lighter tones, but I love color... can you tell with this room!?!?!

Obviously the inspiration was her bedding, which we got back in March at this quilt store in West Ed... and then we went from there. Jordan the kijiji man found this adorable bed in mint condition on kijiji ($200, regular $800) and then found the dresser and end table off kijiji for $75 for both. Those were not in such pretty condition, but I liked the shape.

With websites and some help from a couple blogging friends (thanks Sherri & Jenny) I matched the cream to the bed and distressed it! Man, was that fun and addictive! I was quite happy with how it turned out.

Next came the flowers. My good friend Tammy who I worked with at Wen-Di, shes an amazing artist! She came over and helped me get started on copying the flowers off the bedding. Can you tell which flowers Tammy did and I did... hehe... hers are for sure the best in the room, but I was happy with how mine turned out! She did 4 out of the 16 or 17 in the room (I'll point out which are hers.) It was quite addicting and as you can see with the chair (that was white and I painted yellow) and the stool by the bed, you can get quite carried away! I would paint them every night for about a week after Avery went to bed and Jordan would come in and laugh and tell me to not paint flowers everywhere!

The knob on the end table and handles on the dresser were from Home Depot. They were white, which I thought would be plenty cute! But it was driving Jordan crazy, he thought there needed to be more contrast between the white and cream. So I bought a can of hot pink spray paint and painted them... not the best spray paint job (hence no close up) but its cute and works! I had my heart set on some pretty ones from Anthropology, but I just couldn't justify it! I think these cost $20 altogether!

* These 4 beauties (picture above) are Tammy's flowers, hehe! They are the first that you see when you walk in the room... thank goodness!

Avery before bed, she LOVES her big girl bed! Every night when were getting ready for bed she says "go to sleep in my big girl bed???" And she has been great about not getting out and playing, sometimes she is singing songs in bed for a while, but she did that in her crib too.

So, one thing I'm so bad at is getting too excited and forgetting to take before and afters. I caught myself right in time before I put the primer on the dresser and drawers. Above is the picture of the drawers for the dresser. Jordan had already taken the handles off and filled the holes and sanded it, but you get the idea.

Before end table.

After end table.

Before stool: Another Kijiji find, I think this was $10 that Jordan found!

So I painted the top yellow to match the walls thinking that would be good enough, and I'm painting flowers on the walls one night and kept looking at it thinking it just wasn't cutting it. Before I know it I'm painting one step to match the bed skirt stripes and the top to match one of the flowers... way funner!

More storage in our little house is always a good thing!

And that's it folks! Most of the accessories and frames are Home Sense buys. It was way too much fun doing this fun girly room! And I love how Avery spends so much of her time in there now too!


Sheri said...

LOVE it!!! Wow. Seriously that is just the best girly room ever. The dresser and end table turned out so great. I am in love with the little steps by the bed.
Avery is one lucky girl!

Steve and Alli said...

It turned out great Breanne! I think my favorite thing is the stool, all that storage?! Awesome find and I love how you painted the tops of steps, very cute :)

Jason and Kamry Low said...

i just love it. i just wish i could snap my fingers and my kids rooms would be done like that! avery looks so old in her photo! fun fun fun!

Anonymous said...

Love it. You are an awesome mommy! Amazing work on the furniture. I can't find anything online worth buying to refinish. Since Regina is super small, 1. there isn't a lot of choice and 2. because of that reason, people price things for way too much money. When i do find something nice that I want to refinish, I now know who to ask!
I hope this baby is a boy, I would love to see what you can do for a boys room!

The Steed's said...

Great Job Breanne, and good finds Jordan! I love a lot of colour as well, especially in a kids room.

Julie said...

Wow great job breanne!!!

The Whiddens said...

I love everything about her room! It was worth the time spent, for sure! Good job :)