Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready or not... here she comes!

Welcoming Marli Anne Heavenor! She caught us a little off guard... also it is funny how with the first baby every little small contraction or feeling you think is going into labor. With the second as the labor progressed it was like I was still in denial! And all that kept going through my head was how I wanted just one more day to finish my laundry, get some groceries, make up the babies bed because just that day Jordan had just barley raised the crib up!

This little monkey just could not wait. I was 39 weeks. That night at my parents for Sunday dinner I had a contraction that I thought "wow, that was a bit more than a braxton hicks!" I had been getting braxton hicks with this pregnancy pretty much since 28 weeks. So I did have the worry that I wouldn't know the difference when the real contractions would come... well... I knew!

I should say I know some of you probably don't want to hear the whole delivery story, but for those family and close friends that do want to hear this story here it is!

At about 1am Monday morning I woke up with my first more painful contraction. I was able to go back to sleep and then woke up with another at 2am and then another at 4am. At 4 I started having contractions every 20 minutes. That is when reality started to set in that maybe this kid was coming today! Even still I kept thinking it was false labor and that everything would pass and we would still go on with our holiday Monday plans, haha! I would get my laundry done, make up the babies bed, go to the leg with my sisters and Mom! And Jordan would get his day to work on the tree house (Jordans current project, its quite the tree house! Pics to come!)

At 5:30 they were starting to get quite painful, still about 20 mins apart. The night before I had said to Jordan that I bet there was a i-phone app for monitoring contractions! He thought that was a great idea and had found an awesome one that timed them and even put it in a graph! So thankfully he got that the night before!

Jordan got up at 5:30 to go to the wash room, and I decided I should probably tell him I'd been having pretty regular contractions. He was just as surprised as me, and we pull out the i-phone and started timing things. At 5:30 they started coming every 10 min, and getting quite painful. I had one at 6 that killed me! Jordan goes "okay, I guess I should get a bag together hey?!" We phoned my mom at 6:30 and told her what was going on. They started coming every 5 mins then, and we both still did not believe how quickly my body was going into labor. I think we just really didn't want to get to the hospital and get sent home!

My mom got to our house at 7 and right when she walked in I had a really bad contraction where I had to run to the sink to throw up! They were about 2 mins apart now... but sill we were questioning if we should go in! Thankfully my Mom said if it was hurting that much and that frequently we should go! As we were leaving we still said to my Mom we were sorry if we get sent home and we see her soon!

So we get to the hospital and because of the holiday Monday the admitting place is closed, so they just put us right into a delivery room to check me. We got to the hospital about 7:30, and was hooked up to the heart monitoring to monitor babies heart and my contractions for about 20 mins. After that she check if I was dilated and I was 5cm! I said to our nurse, "so I guess were not going home!?" Nope! She asked if I had any delivery plans, I said "epidural please!" She went and admitted us and told the doctor to get my epidural going.

In between being admitted at just after 8, and the anesthesiologist coming in at 8:45ish the contractions were getting so painful! I was totally feeling that feeling that I could not do this anymore and it was too painful! I had one very painful contraction and working through that my water broke! The nurse came in a confirmed that it did indeed! At 9 once the epidural started working (thank goodness) the nurse checked me and yup, I was fully dilated!

She said we would sit me up and soon we would start pushing. I was still able to feel when to push even with the epidural which was nice. We started pushing at 9:55, and I had still not seen the doctor yet. But we did have 2 very capable nurses and really until things progressed we didn't know how long we would be pushing for. After about 20 minutes of pushing, the head was there and not going back. The nurse asked me to stop pushing, and frantically paged Dr. Mar and the other nurse and tried to get the end of the bed off. They came running in the room and could not believe I was at the point I was. I barley had to push the rest of the way, and 10 mins later Marli was born!

Marli Anne Heavenor

7 lbs 12oz

Aug. 1


It was so exciting when my Mom brought Avery by to meet her little sister. She was so sweet holding her sister and being so gentle! I just loved watching out girls together! Me and Jordan keep saying how funny it is to say "kids" and "girls"!

Love this pictures above, Avery just looks so happy to be a big sister!

Our family of 4! Of course you can't even see Marli's face and Avery wouldn't look at the camera, but thats okay!

Little peanut in her bed, she looks so tiny!

Funny story about the matching nighties. Avery got this nighty and it came with a matching nighty for her doll. The first night home with Marli Avery ran in the room before she went to bed and wanted us to put the nighty of Marli! I thought it was so cute she thought of that! It was way to small for Marli, but we made it work to get a picture of the 2 of them!

Happy to be home with our girls! Im not going to determine what kind of baby Marli is by the first couple days! I know babies sleep alot in the first couple days, but so far she is a very easy going baby that is very easy to settle and keep content. We just adore her and feel so blessed and grateful to have her in our family!


Sheri said...

Congratulations!!! Marli is so gorgeous. i am glad that labor and delivery went so smoothly for you. I love the matching nighties......Avery is going to be an amazing big sister!

Kim said...

Oh I'm so excited for you guys! I actually had tears reading this...just so happy for you :) Love her name and have to tell you she is completely adorable!! You can just see how happy Avery is too. Cute little family :)

Leah said...

Congrats Breanne (and Jordan!!) She is so sweet. So happy for your family!

Julie said...

Aw so cute! And of course you look great in your hospital pics!! I will never be showing anyone mine :) hope you guys are doing well and congrats!

Scott and Tara said...

OH I am so excited to read this. I started crying here at work. Haha! I am so happy for your guys. Your such a cute little family.

Carrie said...

Congratulations Breanne! Marli is adorable - so fun for you to have your two little girls :)

becca olsen said...

Congrats Breanne! She is so precious! You have such a beautiful family!