Thursday, May 3, 2012

Choose the Right! Primary 2012 Board

Like I said in my prior post, I do not blog about something that does take up some of my time over the last 2 years. That being my responsibility right now in our Church which is over seeing the Primary (Children ages 3-11.)

We have a theme each year from the leaders of our Church, this year it is CTR - Choose the Right. I've really enjoyed this year thus far, and our board came together really nicely too! When we were planning it in December all our ideas just meshed together as a presidency and came out with this!
We came up with this thing we call our "CTR check in." We have our awesome teachers as the kids each week what they have done to Choose the Right. Then they pass it along to our secretary. We then feature a child from junior and senior Primary each Sunday. We read there CTR moment and they get a sucker. Then we write there CTR moment in the speech bubble beside there face!

A friend of mine that does vinyl lettering helped made up the black part of the CTR shield and the speech bubbles.

Every month we have a sub-theme to our CTR theme. The shield around the CTR shield has the title of each monthly theme. We started in January at the blue puzzle piece titled "Agency." We then with the help of our teachers have the children memorize the monthly scripture that goes along with the theme. Its amazing, we have little sunbeams that memorize the scripture! The puzzle pieces in the middle get added each month. Once a child has memorized the monthly scripture and passed it off to there teacher, they get to put a sticker on that months puzzle piece.

This was the funnest part, drawing little stick bodies to the children's head! Way too much fun!

I just had to include a close up of this weirdo child in the middle with the bow on her head... oh... that's my child! haha! Love you Primary kids!!!

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Sheri said...

I LOVE it, so fun. I sadly had to take down our entire adorable board last night (and of course I forgot my camera) to move it out to Devon where we are being sent for church AGAIN. I just hope I have a board to put it on out there and can get it looking cute like it was!