Saturday, October 18, 2008

Avery's growing... way too fast! But its fun :)

Everyone told me when Avery was born to cherish every moment because they grow up way to fast! Well... its true!
Avery is only 2 months old and already time as just sped by, and she has changed so much! She's smiling all the time, and the last couple weeks shes doing her little baby voices back to us. Its fun to watch her discover her voice and make little noises back to us when we talk to her.
Here are some pictures from youngest to oldest of the last couple months! Shes chubbed right out!


Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

So cute, and YES, she has grown up a lot! I love her headbands. Did you make them? I want to learn how, especially now that I will get some pink in my house! Double time! By the way, I love your blog title bar HEAVENOR thing. So cute! DId you do that too? You are so creative!

Jordan & Breanne Heavenor said...

Thanks Amelia! You are so sweet! I did make the title in my digital scrapbook program. And her head bands I ordered off this website from the states. She was very well prices, but when UPS delievered them to my house I was dinged with a $20 charge to UPS that I didn't expect. So that was annoying, but I'm happy with the product! The flowers are inter changible and very comfortable headbands. I'm sure you can make them Amelia, they are just tights and I think I'm going to try and attempt sometime soon.