Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Heavenor family Christmas card

Okay blogger friends (and other friends can respond through facebook or email.) I need help from your creative minds! I know this is a little early, but I've sort of become obsessed with digital scrapbooking! I know... I never thought those words would come out of my mouth! I will explain.

I have been a pretty intense scrapbooking for almost 10 years! When digital scrapbooking was introduced I was very opposed to it because I was trying to hold onto the old fashioned way and I did not think you could be creative and express your talent doing the digital way.

Well I bought a program earlier this year with the purpose of doing things like announcements (when Avery arrived) and thank you cards, things like that. Well as I've realized it does still require creativity and there are many cool things you can do that are harder to do when doing the old fashioned way of scrapbooking. So to my surprise I have decided to switch to digital scrapbooking soon (I have some pictures developed right now that I'm working on, so once I'm done those pages I turn over to digital.) I know, this is a life changing decision... jk!

Also my husband is happy about this decision as it will save quite a bit of money on supplies. Basically I will just have to pay to have my pages printed now! Anyways, that's my thoughts on that.

Now back to the beginning paragraph, I need your creative minds opinions. Yes, this is early but ever since we've been married I've wanted to do the photo Christmas card to family and friends but sort of wanted to wait until we had kids (nothing against couple photo Christmas cards, thats just me!)

Well we have Avery now! So I've created 3 photo Christmas cards for this year and I really cannot choose which one I like best. So please tell me which you prefer. And for those of you who will receive one in the mail, I'm sorry I've sort of wrecked the surprise of what it will look like! Just think of it that you got a sneak peak!

Thanks, let me know which you like.

Christmas card #1

Christmas card #2

Christmas card #3


Kamry said...

I like the 2nd card. i think it's cute with the three photos at the bottom! You just need to add two more photos with you and jordan kissing kona! haha but seriously i like the second photo the best!

Jordan & Breanne Heavenor said...

haha, thanks Kamry! I know, we really need one of us kissing Kona, it would just be the cherry on the top!

the fellers said...

I like the second and the third the most, but I think my fav is the third...that sounded dumb...I agree with digital scrapbooking, I am converted but was not at the is so fun! And, I love that you can buy the stuff once, and reuse it...if you use it on a page, you dont have to go buy it again, it is still there...saved on the computer. I didnt buy a dg scrap program...I just use Illustrator and go to dg scrap websites and download stuff from there! I love Christmas cards, I have done one every year since we had kids...ok, so really that is every Christmas that we have been married! haha

Alana said...

I like the 3rd one the best. they are all pretty cute

Alana said...

Could you tell me what program you used? I've been trying to find something but the one I bought wasn't very good.

Scott and Tara said...

I am all for the 3rd! It seems to be the most christmas like, simple and cute! But they are all really cute!