Monday, February 16, 2009

Avery's 6 months / Family Day Weekend

I cannot believe Avery is 6 months old! The thing that blows my mind, that if the next 6 months go by as fast as the last have, she will be 1 year before I know it!!!

Well Avery is getting so old lately, and I love it! I love as they grow up, its so fun feeding her solids and watching her face as she tries new things. She is pretty much sitting on her own, I don't feel comfortable propping her up and leaving her, because occasionally she falls backwards or to the side. But for the most part she is sitting on her own. And rolling lots, that is so much fun to watch! She loves our dog Kona, and she always tries to get to her, its quite cute.

The picture above is today after she got up from her nap. I had to get a picture of her sweet little face when she gets up from naps. She is so funny when she gets up from naps, half the time I don't hear her cry, but just chatting away to herself. I then open her door and she looks up at me and smiles. She is also quite out of it when she wakes up from her naps and has these sweet rosy cheeks and just sort of checks things out.

And this past weekend was really nice. My cousin Tanner McClung got married to this great girl Crystal Hall. Jordan's sister Kelli actually set them up, and they are a perfect match! It was such a great wedding, they got married in the Edmonton Temple and then had there reception that night. It was great! Such a wonderful celebration.

And today was so nice, it was the first long weekend that Jordan has had since he started work full time in January, and it was our first family day with Avery! I think its so great that Alberta has a holiday set aside for families to spend together. So we went to the Edmonton Museum, I have not been for years and Jordan has never been. Plus, it was free! And really busy because it was free, but it was worth it. And even though Avery is only 6 months, she was still quite captivated by lots of the displays, mostly the ones with the big animals. It was really fun. So here are some pics from our family day and of Avery over the past couple weeks.

Jordan & Avery by the Polar Bear at the Museum

Avery riding the dinosaur

Me and Avery hanging out with the Lions at the Musuem

Avery outside the Musuem, there was no parking because there were so many people, so we had to walk a little ways. Good thing she was bundled up.

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the fellers said...

She is so cute Bre! I love her eyes, I LOVE rosy nap cheeks!