Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Videos from our new video camera!

We got our first video camera about a month ago. We decided that even though it wasn't really in the budget right now, we really didn't want to miss out on home videos of Avery when she was little. So we decided to spend out tax return early, and I'm very glad we got it because its so nice to catch these things in motion.

So last night Jordan showed me how to get the videos on the computer! So here are a couple cute videos of Avery.

The first was when very was sitting on my stomach as I was laying on the couch and resting her back against the couch. We were playing with her Bee and she started doing this little game, it was pretty cute so I ran and got the camera.

And the second was when we went swimming as a family. I go once a week with some friends and there babies, but this was the first time Jordan came with us. She really loves the water!

Other than that we are doing good. Edmonton has got TONS of snow this week! I really can't wait until winter is over! I can't wait for spring and summer and to go on walks with Avery and Kona, I know Kona can't wait until that! She needs to get rid of her winter blubber!

Jordan's job is going great, its busy and he has lots to do which is a great blessing in an economy like ours!

Avery has her first bad cold, she has had little small sniffles before. But this is definitely a cold! She has a very runny nose and quite the flemmy cough! I feel so bad for her, but she is relatively happy considering how she must feel. Hopefully with staying in the house and getting as much sleep as she can without being woken up from her cough, this cold can go away!


Scott and Tara said...

Good choice on getting a video camera! But Breanne, i think you need to work on keeping your hand still :) The video of Avery swimming is a little shaky!

Jordan & Breanne Heavenor said...

haha, I know! I suck at filming, plus I was trying to tell Jordan what to do with her.
Also that video is WAY clearer on our computer, I dont know why the swimming one isn't clear on the blog?!

Mandi said...

I don't even knoe how I found your blog! I start on one person's and click on people they have on their blog and then I do that on another blog and I go and go until I don't know how I got there( know I'm such a blog dork!
any how, CUTE little girl! Don't they grow so fast? and a really belated congradulations by the way!