Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Avery's Official 1st Birthday Bash!

Jordan my decorating assistant... hes proud of his work.

Well we finally had a chance to have Avery's first birthday. Between moving and family schedules it turned into being over a month late... but she doesn't know the difference! Jordan's Mom had a fitness conference in town so Avery's Grandpa and Nana Heavenor and Uncle Mike were in town from Vanderhoof. We had most of our immediate family and some extended and some close friends. It was a very fun time!

Uncle Cole, Grandpa and Nana Heavenor, Uncle Mike and Blake Hyde

Stefanie Hyde, Jordan, Uncle Jason and Auntie Kamry

Avery playing with her toys with her cousin Casey (Casey is actual my cousin - My Aunt Kerry's little girl but closer in age with Avery, so seems like a cousin.)

My Nana and Grandpa Pizzey

My great Grandma and Grandma

Me, Jordan and Avery

Lighting the candles, we striped Avery down to her diaper, we really didn't need to cause it wasn't that messy.

Avery wondering what everyone is singing?!?!

Avery's friends Casey and Jonah Chiu helping her blow the candles out. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the cake, it wasn't amazing, but it was 2 big balloon on top (orange and purple) of a pink base. Kind of cute and funny with balloon candles.

Enjoying her cake, she wasn't as messy as I'd hoped!

Yum! All done, time for presents!

Opening presents with Casey to help.

Sporting her first gymnastics body suite (present of course from Auntie Taren) and enjoying her chair from Auntie Kamry.


julied said...

hah. i love the body suit!!!! adorable. and i was waiting for picture of the cake..!! it looked good from what I could see! can't elieve she is over 1!

The Hatch Family said...

I love the decorations....they are adorable! We just had our girl's party yesterday and so I made Leslie be my "photographer" after I read that you forgot to take a pic of the cake. (It looked great from the side)
Gotta love those big tacky chairs; it will become a favorite over this year!