Monday, September 14, 2009

End of Summer fun!

Here are a bunch of things we did to keep busy during this Indian summer we've been having in Edmonton. Our house gets quite hot in the heat (we are seriously considering AC next summer) so me and Avery had lots of play dates in the sun and did some fun things with Daddy on the weekends.

After the splash park, Avery and Dmitri Choy came and played with some toys at our house.

After Avery went to sleep Jordan and I had a nice BBQ on our grill in the back yard, it actually worked really good! Looks like we wont need to buy a BBQ for a while still!

Me & Avery at Miquelon Lake

Jordan and Avery building a sand castle At Miquelon.

Avery's head full of curlers for church - surprisingly didn't pull them out?!

At the leg grounds with Kate and Kara. Kate and Kara are 8 months, they are my sister Kamry's nieces, Amelia's little girls. Very cute!

Playing at Kristen and Casey's house - My cousins, but seem more like Avery's cousins cause of there age, they are so cute with Avery.

Avery doing her silly face in the pool with Casey.

This is just Avery playing at home, I just like it cause she looks so old!

So we have a busy week this week, we are having Avery's bday party this weekend, and Jordan's family is coming for that which is nice. So lots to get ready, should be fun! And its supposed to be nice this week again! So maybe in between we will have some fun outside too.


The Hatch Family said...

Avery has one impressively cute bathing suit collection!
This weather is the best we have been loving it too.

Anonymous said...

love to take kristens little pink panties off, lay her down, put her legs over her shoulders, spread her butt cheeks and sting my tounge deeeep inside licking her out, then eat her pussy while the 2 little ones watch , I will soon be doing it to them