Monday, October 5, 2009

Good new latley :)

With the encroachment issue with our new house and a few other things we've been a little discouraged lately. Don't get me wrong, life is still good and we have so many blessings in our life. But there have just been a few things where we say "man, why can't things just go smoothly!?"

Well things have been definitely turning around lately! First my sister Kamry and her husband Jason had there little baby girl! I was convinced it was a boy - I'm not sure why, our family can't seem to produce boys! I was so exciting to see there sweet little girl, and just moments after she was born! And Avery will have a little buddy just a year and a bit younger! She is Avery's first cousin! They named her Talia Lee Low, and she was 8lbs even and 21 inches long and born at 12:02am on Sept.28. Kamry had a horrible pregnancy, and her birth was not much better! Her water broke at 2:00am on Sept. 26, and she wasn't having very regular contractions, so it was very long! She was eventually hooked up to the drip to get things going, and they increased by very slowly. All day Sunday she has very regular hard contractions! She was exhausted, and then right before pushing around 9 Sunday night her face was facing up which isn't good. Kamry was able to do some good pushy in different positions and Talia flipped last minute! Thank goodness, she would have had a c-section if she didn't turn after all that pushing! My mom was in the delivery room with Jason and Kamry and her birthday (My moms) is on Sept. 28! So when it was getting close to midnight she said hold on! And the doctor said "on Nana's orders" so they held off for a little and Talia came into the world on her Nana's birthday!!! Very exciting! Shes healthy and adorable, very Pizzey. She looks just like Kamry and Kamry thinks she looks like me! I do think she looks more like me than Avery! haha. So that is the first bit of good news!

Me and Talia and Kamry just moments after the birth, Kamry was such a trooper!

The next day Avery and me and Jordan went to see Talia, Avery didn't really know what to think of Talia...

Jordan and his first neice.

And then they city approved our garage encroachment! So they HOUSE IS OURS!!! Finally!!! So now we are just waiting for paper work and closing with the Lawyers which should only take about 15 days! But now we can FINALLY start some reno's! We got new appliances this weekend and moved ours to the basement, they are beautiful! Jordan found a killer deal on barely used stainless steal appliances! They are wonderful, and I finally have a dishwasher! I was getting just about to my max of washing dishes! So we are starting with the kitchen, and will slowly work away at the house as money allows! Very excited, I can't wait till this house starts looking the way we have pictured it!

So yes, things are happening, and Jordan finished his first 2 exams and feels they went pretty good for his CBV. So now he gets a little break and can enjoy some free time (which will probably be filled with reno's, but he enjoys that.)

And fall is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to thanksgiving this weekend and lots of time with family. Its so beautiful out, we had some family pictures done by Leah on the weekend, I'm really excited to see how they turned out, Avery was hilarious and I think Leah got some great shots! We did her one year shots then too, a little late but oh well!

We also enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home watching conference, I just love having conference in the home. Its such a nice feeling, and every time the choir sung Avery stopped what she was doing and danced (which is rocking back and forth.) She sure loves music, I just love this age! Shes such a blast, so hilarious! The things she does and how quickly she learns cracks me up! She is still stubborn and not walking consistently, she was walking much more yesterday, but starts laughing when she does it and falls down. Shes getting there, and just such a joy and blessing to us! And she is consistantley sleeping through the night now! She has been doing it like 75% of the time for a while, but the last 2 weeks she has every night! From 7:30/8ish until 7:30/8ish the next morning! Its wonderful, I don't think I've had this much sleep for a while, sometimes I'm even up before her in the mornings, which never happens, usually shes my alarm clock!

Well have a wonderful thanksgiving, I know we have lots to reflect on and be thankful for.

Some recent pics of Avery, I don't remeber what she was doing here, something funny!

Enjoying her cheerios in the morning, she was giving me a not very ammused face and leave me alone while I enjoy my cheerios.


The Hatch Family said...

Great news about the house!!!! I can't wait to see what the amazing renos you do.
I sure do love conference at home too. It is so sweet to see how much the kids love the music. We actually watched a session again this morning because Alysha kept asking to hear songs on the computer like yesterday :)

the fellers said...

Yay for Kamry and Jason, and YAY for your house, things really HAVE turned around!

Jason and Kamry Low said...

Avery's sooo cute! Glad the whole house thing went through!! we're excited!

Scott and Tara said...

I am so glad the house went through finally!!! Cant wait to see all the reno's but i will admit i was starting to really like the metal pink cupboards ;)