Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's a Place to Hang my hat...

Well right now its a place to hang my hat, it will become my palace all in due time. So I've finally gotten around to posting pictures of our new house. I have been unpacked for quite a while, thanks to my Nana and my Mom helping me. I was unpacked almost 2 days after the move (still the office and garage have some work to do) but it been just beautiful in Edmonton and since we don't get too many hot beautiful days in Edmonton and summer has almost come to an end I've been trying to get out as much as possible and enjoy the sun with Avery and friends.

Anyways, as I said we have had some complications with the purchase of this home... our home we've been so excited about and have such dreams of renovating and raising our family here. So I feel like I've told this story SO many time to so many people, so hopefully this is one of the last. Maybe since I've written in on my blog when it comes up next time with people I'll just tell them to read my blog, haha.

So here we go! In the pictures you might be able to see this, but on the left side of our house (when your facing the house) we have a strip of grass about 5 feet wide in between our house and our neighbors (who we met today and he's very nice.) So its owned my the city, its called a "utility right away" because there are power lines at the very back of it. Anyways, the day before we too possession we found out that garage that is on the left side of the house, encroaches 1 foot on the utility right away! I don't know why we didn't find out about it until then, they knew about it for about a month, but I think they were hoping the city would have come to approve it and got the permit work done. Because the sellers are the original owners (they house is 50 years old) they never got a permit when they built the garage or checked with the city and since they've never sold the house they never got a "real property report" done which we requested as one of conditions. So because that wasn't met and it was one of our conditions, our lawyers have advised the banks hold of on releasing money and between our lawyers and the sellers lawyers we have come to a agreement to rent and live here until the city comes to look at the encroachment.

So if they city approves the encroachment (which we are really praying they do) then the house is ours and its done! If the city doesn't approve it and wants the garage taken down, we will have to negotiate from there. We are hoping they will take about $15k off the house prices, and we can just deal with the removal of the garage and build a new one in the back. Thank goodness we have a big yard and it wouldn't ruin our yard, but it would be a hassles. Lets just hope it doesn't come to that. We are hoping that the fact that this garage has been here for 30 years and the city has never had a issues with it being in the way of anything, that they will approve it...

Anyways, I had to share that hic cup, just a bump in the road to our family home! So here are some pics of the home. As reno's happen over the years I'll pull these picks up to show the before and afters. But here is our lovely dated home, keep in mind its all original. And until we own the house we can't do anything! Frustrating I know... we would have new carpet by now if this didn't happen (it was to be installed the day before we moved.)

Okay, I'll stop dwelling on the worst and show you the pics, there not much yet...

The backyard that we just love!

Living Room, what you see when you walk in the door

Looking towards the front door in the living room

Dining Room off the living room - who puts carpet in dining rooms?!

Kitchen - yes those are pink metal cabinets, ha!

Bathroom - I actually don't mind the wall tile, I have a plan to work with it.

Avery's room - I can't wait till we can paint!

Our room - I think I'll keep the orange carpet... JUST KIDDING!

Office - Haven't quite tackled this mess yet, on my to do list this week


The Hatch Family said...

So exciting!! I love the yard and I know with your super skills the house will look amazing soon enough too! Those encroachment agreements can be a real pain, I sure hope it works out the way you want it.
(Just a word of caution; I saw your kitchen aid mixer in the one pic and Alysha pulled ours out of the cupboard and onto her foot when I left the cupboard unlocked....they are super Heavy but Avery may surprise you and grab it too)
Congrats on the new home!

the fellers said...

I LOVE fun! I cant wait to see what you do with it! How fun to have found such a great place! i wish you luck with the garage!

julied said...

wow, GREAT backyard. when I have kids we will need to come and play there because ours is about an arms length.
and the house is not even as bad as you made it sound! okay, besides the pink metal cabinets! but i can't wait to see all the stuff you'll do! it will be great

Scott and Tara said...

Did you get a new desk? I dont remember that in your old place? I know you will do an amazing job making that place the nicest house on the block! Cant wait to see it!

Kim said...

So fun!! I hope everything works out for you guys. It's going to look amazing! And that yard is great!!

reddmummy said...

I am in love with your huge backyard! Hopefully the encroachment mess will be worked out soon. Encroachment is such a funny word- it sounds like it should be a problem with nosy neigbours or bugs! It must be pretty stressful and frustrating. Hang in there!