Friday, October 9, 2009

Will she ever walk...???

Avery is a few days away from being 15 months, and still not consistently walking! Everyone tells us that it is a good thing and your only busier when they walk. Yea... at 12 months sure, 13 months yea its okay, 14 months I guess this is alright..., but 15 months.... COME ON!

She definitely takes steps, probably max 10. Shes getting the concept, but its not a consistent thing. To get around she definitely prefers crawling or bum scooting. I'm hoping by at least Halloween she is walking so shes not bum scooting and getting her ferry costume all dirty! But honestly, at this point me and Jordan just look at each other and say "shes just never going to walk!"

Here are some pictures of attempts at walking, and pushing her hypo around. She does laps around the house with that hypo.


Gabi said...

I'm sure she will walk soon. Haylee didn't walk until 16 months but once she did she was such a stable walker and did so well.

Scott and Tara said...

Nice new stove in the background!

the fellers said...

ok, I couldnt read anything really on that post, weird, but for some reason when I check your blog there is a white box at the top, and this time, it covered most of the writing, but off my dashboard I did read a little and I dont think you need to be worried about her not walking, there was a lady in my ward and my sister in law's kids didnt walk until they were 18 months, and really, I know everyone has said it, you will be glad when she DOES start walking, that she wasnt earlier. I wanted Scoty to walk so bad, but with Rylee, she was later and that was totally ok with me, less she could get into. Also, does she have small feet? Rylee didnt walk until she was over 14 months and has the SMALLEST feet I have ever seen, and I have heard a lot of kids that dont walk until they are older, and then find out they have small feet, I think it is connected some way!

SefcikLaw said...

I totally know what you mean maddie didnt walk till she was 16 months. Its so nice when they start.