Friday, February 5, 2010


You facebook friends have probably seen all the doppelganger stuff going on this week, I just think its so fun! I love seeing other friends celebrity pictures and who people have told them they look like. Some I've thought myself and some I think "oh, you totally do look like that person!" I've always had sort of a obsession I guess you would say with this concept... and without thinking about it. Like I watch a movie and say to Jordan "doesn't she / he look like so and so." Usually he agrees and sometimes he think I'm nuts. But it my eyes I'm always right!

So for the fun of "doppelganger" week, I thought I'd post the 3 people I've been told I look like. They are in order from the one I've been most told I look like to least. And again, I'm not saying I think I look exactly like these women (I wish) but that this is what people have told me! Let me know you celebrity look alike, its just too fun!

1. I've been told her quite a few times, probably when I was skinnier and have my natural hair color (red.) My friends in highschool Lauren and Lindsay Sellar would tell me this on a regular basis.

2. Amy Adams I've been told a couple times, but mostly by Jordan. If we ever see a movie with her in it he will say that a few times thru the movie.

3. Isla Fisher, I've only been told I look like her once by my cousin. I see it a little, but she has brown eyes which I definitely don't, even though sometimes I wish I did! I love brown eyes, so much that in grade 9 I had brown contacts

And... there is a 4th. I don't like to think I look like her, but I had to post it since my Dad tells me I do ALLLL the time! He thinks its a good thing, but shes an actress that either looks really cute... or really ugly! My Dad always tells me I look like Drew Barrymore! No one else has told me, but since my dad has told me that so many times I'll put a pic of her up.


Carrie said...

So fun! I love seeing everyone's celebrity look-alikes too. I, unfortunately haven't ever been told I look like anyone, so I can't really play along :(

Jenny Fitzner said...

That is so hilarious because MY dad always says I look like Drew Barrymore too!! hahah! I also don't think I look like her.

Jason and Kamry Low said...

You do look like all those girl, just different features of them! I, like carrie, have never been told i look like anyone (except for looking like my dad who isn't a celebrity!), so i cannot participate in this "Doppelganger" week! Fun that you posted these photos!

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