Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update on my little A

Not that anyone really needs an update on my munchkin, but I haven't blogged about her lately and just looked on my camera and saw a couple comical pictures. So here are some recent randoms.

This is Avery Valentines morning getting a little package from Mom and Dad. She was quite excited and loved it all, she is kissing her pink poodle here.
Playing ball and quite excited about that!
She always has snack after nap, I cannot remember what she was doing here, something silly... maybe singing?!

I just love this picture, it cracks me up for some reason.

Her favourite past time, putting on our boots or shoes. Sometimes its cute, and other times its annoying!
Her favourite to put on, her pink boots. Hiding from me cause she knows I'm going to take them away (not cause I'm mean, cause they were dirty and I just cleaned the house!)

Avery seems to be adjusting quite well to me working part time. My girlfriend watching her Thursday and Friday says she plays great with her son and eats good! So I'm happy about that, makes leaving her easier! She is till adjusting to napping at there house, hopefully that works itself out.

And Saturday she has so much fun with Jordan! They went and bought a sled last week and walked around the field with it and she was happy as can be. I came home Saturday and she was wearing her winter boots and tutu! So of course she was in heaven, those are her favourite things to wear! I wish I got a picture but by the time I grabbed the camera she was done with that! And so far work is great! Busy and back doing what I love :)


The Hatch Family said...

I love the pics of Avery in the shoes! Alysha is the same way.....I figure she will end up costing her hubby alot of $ in shoes one day!!!

Jason and Kamry Low said...

I love the pictures of avery when she woke up! reminds me of yuo a ton! she's so cute! can't wait for talia to be that age!

Kim said...

She's adorable!! I always love the pics that make you laugh and smile.

Talia said...

She's so cute Breanne! Looks like she's so much fun.:)