Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phase 1 - Reno pics

I have hesitated putting these pics up because even though we have accomplished so much on these Reno's so far... there is so much more to do! And I felt like there would be more "wow" factor if I waited till all the finishing pieces were done. Well I'm not sure when all of that will be accomplished, basically when we have the time and money... for sure in the next 6 months. And we've (mostly Jordan ) has been working so hard and all the BIG things are done, so I decided to share some pics.
So keep in mind over the next 6 months paint, light fixtures, back splash in kitchen, window coverings in living room and kitchen, WALL PAPER (can't wait for that), baseboards, and new doors. PHEW! Nothing right?! Probably accomplish that in one day... yea... no! So that is why I'm sharing now. Enjoy!

Bathroom before
Bathroom after, didn't do much. Just painted with leftover paint from the basement suite and new mirrors. We'll gut it in a couple years.
Living Room before - hate this wallpaper SO MUCH!

Living Room Before and Front Entrance
Living Room after - just new arrangement and carpet
Living Room / Front Entrance after
Living Room After (Kona sun tanning)
Dinning Room before
Kitchen / Dinning Room after
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Kitchen before, soooo retro!
Kitchen after

Yay! Looking good, and sooo much more functional!


The Hatch Family said...

WOW!!! That is one gorgeous kitchen! It sure is amazing the huge difference just replacing the carpet in the living room makes (the wall paper doesn't jump out like it did before) You are making a beautiful home.

Jason and Kamry Low said...

wow i love the living room! so great!!!! i want to come see it!

Lindsey said...

It IS looking good! Good work. Your kitchen looks great!

Scott and Tara said...

Love the kitchen! My choice exactly for the cupboards (but i think i already told you that). Can't wait too see that wall paper you pick!!

Kim said...

Love the kitchen!! I've always wanted a white kitchen. And fun seeing before and much work for you guys. Looking good :)

Julie said...

wow!!!! everything looks awesome!!! what a transformation. good work guys!

chelsea said...

Looks SO good you guys! Hope all is well :)

Kristy said...

you guys are so awesome at renovating and decorating, what an awesome team couple u make :)