Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reno Update #2

Well here are the updated Reno pictures. I keep putting off getting these on my blog because I wish I had more to show to give more of the "wow" factor. But the fact is until I find a wallpaper that I like and wont cost me a arm and a leg, and once we get some more time and money... we are sort of at a stand still. SO... I might as well show the progress over the last month.

What has changed since the last pics: Paint, back splash in kitchen, window covering in kitchen and living room, and FINALLY I got pictures up. I just saw no point in doing that until we painted. Excuse the lack of closet door in the front entrance, I have so many ideas to make my front hall cute, but we are having trouble finding a closet door for the odd shape that these old closets are (its very annoying since Avery's favourite thing is to wear our shoes lately) so hopefully we find one soon.

Drapes from Pier 1, first place I looked and they were perfect. They had all my colors in it, it was really quite strange how perfect they were since they suited my style too! And hopefully one day I'll get rid of the IKEA furniture and have some much nicer... but that is down the road!

Didn't Jordan do a good job on the back splash?!?! He keeps looking at all his imperfections (which I don't see) but I've been so impressed at the wonderful job he's done!

Left on the list:
- WALLPAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Baseboards
- New Doors
- New light fixtures
- Crown molding to finish off above cupboard
- front entry closet and door
- figure something out with front entry paneling
AND.... I'm sure I'm missing something. Everyone with old houses knows it never ends!


The Hatch Family said...

Amazing!!! I love it all. YEh for Pier 1 and curtains; they have saved us both. Don't stress about the closet doors because soon enough Avery will be able to open them up and help herself anyway!!

Steve & Alli said...

Love it! It's all coming together SO nicely Bre! Good luck with the closet door, I know what you mean about little munchkins getting into everyone's shoes. I think they have shoe radar! And Jordan did an awesome job on the backsplash, love love love!

julied said...

i was going to say how cute your curtains were!! everything looks awesome!! so cute. but that is not a surprise. must be really ecxiting!

the fellers said...

that looks AWESOME!

Scott and Tara said...

I love it all Breanne! I forgot to tell you that Target only sold ALL the plates you liked online! They had like many 8 to choose from in the store and i didn't like any of them, so i would assume you wouldn't either.
Cant wait to see the place in person.... in a few weeks we are coming up!

Kim said...

It looks great!!! I especially love the kitchen :) I want to paint mine...just have to convince Cody..hehe!

Alana said...

So my mom and I were checking out your renovations and were wondering were you got your kitchen tile. I love all your changes and definitly wish I had you eye and talent for style and decorating.